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Moneybags Monday: The Sisley Compacts

Are these compacts not just a thing of extreme beauty? The gold compact (phyto-touches ‘sun glow’) looks like a sleek, vintage cigarette case and the funky leopard-print (phyto-poudre compacte) is like something you’d have found in Marilyn Monroe’s clutch bag!

I have got really into compacts over the last few months; after seeing on video what a touch of powder could do for oily, shiny foreheads and noses, I haven’t looked back. I powder all the time! Although I have always championed the ‘sheer, radiant, glowing’ look, there’s a point of no return when ‘glowing’ becomes ‘oily’, and I am now very aware when that boundary has been crossed.

You have to be careful with powdering though; I think that it’s worth paying the extra for an amazing-quality, fine-milled powder with outstanding ingredients. A few of the cheap-cheap powders that I’ve tested have looked cakey and dry, and we want our powder invisible, thanks very much!

If you want ultimate luxe, then Sisley’s your man. Or woman, probably. I imagine she would be a woman. The phyto-touches is a bronzing pressed powder with two shades – the ‘sun glow’ has a light, peachy-beige powder in the larger section and a darker bronzer with added shimmer in the smaller section. I sweep a large brush over both sections, shake off the excess and apply just below my cheekbones for a healthy tan!

sisley sun glow phyto-touches

The phyto-poudre compacte is a pressed powder with extracts of Camellia; it extracts oiliness, banishes shine and helps to even out skintone whilst remaining pretty much invisible! The powder is very, very fine and soft. Even if it wasn’t I’d use any excuse to whip out this leopard compact!

You may have noticed that the title of this post began with a wittily contrived bit of alliteration; Moneybags Monday. I wanted it to be ‘Luxury’ something, but there are no days of the week beginning with ‘L’ unless you’re in La France, so it has to be the rather crude British version. Anyway, the point is that these are little (or big!) luxuries that you could splash out on if you’re feeling frisky and in need of a little retail relief! I’ll be bringing you one every week, if I remember – I’ve been pretty good so far with the Friday Flash Review, so here’s hoping!

The Sisley Compacts are £56 for the Phyto-Poudre and £58 for the Phyto-Touches, available from Selfridges or call 0207 591 6380 for stockists.


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  1. Ouch… they’re quite pricey! I do however love the packaging (esp the leopard print) and can imagine that you’d get your money’s worth

  2. they look beautiful especially the first.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!

    Keep the Moneybags Monday posts coming!

    I love the luxury product reportage!


  4. The ladies at Sisley counter in Edinburgh’s Jenners are the kindest human beings ever! Which you cannot say about Lancome counter in Boots in Princes Street flagship store…

  5. Came for the Moneybags Monday item! Better late than never! Although, even if I can’t make it to all of my e-mail in a day, I definitely will catch up with all your posts by week’s end!

    Thanks Ruth!

    Will be checking out at my local Neiman Marcus counter ASAP!


  6. Just happened upon your videos, they’re fab and you really made me giggle with the voice over one that keeps going high speed on you. In that particular vid you used the Sisley leopard cased powder, can I please ask which shade as on the self ridges web there’s 3 shades and I’m v pale so was wondering which would be the best? Also do you know if you can get a sample of the omoriviczi ( can’t remember name) clay mask? Think it’s £58 ish? Xxxx kindest regards gilly

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