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New Dior Addict Lipsticks!

New Dior Addict LipstickDior have officially relaunched their new Addict lipsticks; lighter and more sheer than the classic lipsticks, they contain 25% less wax with a gel ingredient in its place. For low-maintenance girls, this means a moisturising lipstick that is easy to apply, looks glossy and won’t look a total mess if applied slightly haphazardly! Die-hard lippie lovers may be slightly disappointed with the texture if they’re looking for bold, long-lasting colour – this is juicy and vibrant but needs quite frequent reapplication throughout the day. Those looking for ultra-creamy, opaque shades need not apply!

Personally, I love this fast-growing sheer lipstick trend – it gives me the confidence to wear slightly more daring shades than I would do normally. The odd slip-up around the lip-line doesn’t necessarily spell ‘catastrophe’ when working with these more modern, transparent textures. Add to this the fact that the finish is shiny and has a plumping effect, and I’m absolutely sold!

Take a look at the video and decide for yourselves – I adore “New Look” (unfortunately named, perhaps!) because it’s a really vibrant red that I feel comfortable wearing. It isn’t perhaps paired with the best hair and makeup look in this video, but I will use it in an individual ‘red lip’ look soon!

Dior’s Addict lipsticks are £22 and available exclusively at Selfridges (click HERE) at the moment, and nationwide from April 11th. The shades shown in the video are; Nude, Diorissime, Dior Kiss and New Look.


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  1. Oh you lucky go girl! Always getting try out all these lovely new things early! Bet your stash is astonishing! And I really like such sheer lipsticks too. Been toying with the idea of getting Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy since reading your reviews and watching the video!! Just need to get past my guilt for spending so much money on a lipstick first! xx

  2. These sound really good, similar to the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour sheer lip tint but probably less staying power. I love the look of New Look on you though and Diorkiss looks gorgeous too. I’m really impressed with how many shades there are to choose from and I can easily spend £22 on a lipstick without really thinking about it…until I have bills to pay and then I realise I’ve spent the whole of my student loan lol

  3. i was looking through my mother’s make up one day and found this absolutely stunning Dior lipstick but was so utterly intoxicated by its brilliance that I but the lid back on it without fully winding it down completely destroying the top, let’s just call it the ‘head’ of the lipstick – it was a true midnight murder – and i cried a little bit- that is my Dior experience.
    P.S if you have read this far i thank you for your kindness

  4. Hi Ruth,

    What’s your favourite toner?
    I was checking Chanel Precision (lotion doucer pink) and wondering if it is better than Estée Lauder given the price/quality.

    Some people don’t care about toners, but I feel it really makes the difference on my skin. For example, Lancome makes my skin look dull, Clarins (toners, not the energizer) doesn’t make anything and Estée Lauder is good when I feel dehydrated.

    And what about sunscreens?

    Uh, I keep giving your more and more work :x


  5. Completely agree with your point on carrying a lipstick in ones bag, actually the first makeup “thing” I bought was a lipstick case when I was 7 to emulate my mum ! Anyway, lovely review. I only wear sheer lipsticks as I think the add a nice hint of colour to the face and are very easy to wear.

    Wish I could afford thise lippies as they look so pretty!

  6. Oh, I adore lipsticks, especially sheer ones, but I can’t wear red ones because my lips are so bloody enormous! Even when neatly applied with lipliners I just look unbalanced.
    Any tips on how to deal with this? We’re talking Linsey Wixon sized lips here.

  7. Thank you! Oh, that’s brilliant.

  8. This is just what Iv been looking for.
    Nice and sheer:)
    Thank you

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