Spot Me in the Swatch Video

ruth crilly rankin swatch

If you have ever wondered what I look like when I’m at work, then you can get a tiny, weeny glimpse in the video below. It was taken at the campaign shoot for Swatch, shot by Rankin.


There’s a final movie that accompanies the print campaign – you’ll see me pop up in that a fair few times if you’re paying attention – you can watch it on the following link:


Neither of the clips are more than a minute or so, but for those who really can’t bear to move away from this page, I have pulled a few stills from the videos for your perusal. They’re not pin-sharp, but they’ll do!

ruth crilly model rankin

ruth crilly model rankin

ruth crilly model rankin


  1. omg your amazing!!!!

  2. Who’s the blonde with the short hair? I want her hairstyle!

    You look fabulous, Ruth, as always. I love watching models at work – shows us it’s not all that simple

  3. Maybe I’m biased, but while the other models are lovely, I think you steal the show!

  4. Sexxxy! The guy with the orange watch is hot too ! lol

  5. simply amazing!

  6. simply beautiful ruth! :D

  7. yes you look absolutely gorgeous,the concept looks great too

  8. You are absolutely stunning in this ad Ruth! Love it!

  9. Ruth you look great! Love the animal print watch ;)

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