Friday Flash Review: Blistex Lip Massage

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Here goes with today’s (barely awake yet) ramble! “Wooooo! It’s Friday! Not that that means so much to me, being self-employed. Every day could potentially be Friday really. Well that killed off any possible sense of joy/excitement/happiness. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside and I have to leave for my shoot in…nine minutes. Can I [...]

Gielly Green

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Today I went to Gielly Green to have my hair trimmed and blow-dried. You may remember the name Gielly Green from my shampoo and hair treatment review a while back – you can read that HERE. My hair was in desperate need of a cut – for various reasons, it hasn’t been trimmed in ages [...]

Just Sheepskin Kensington Slippers

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Last night I dashed into House of Fraser in the city to collect my Just Sheepskin Kensington Slippers and I put them on pretty much straight away. Well, not actually on the tube, but as soon as I got through my front door. I still had my coat on and had my bag slung over [...]

The In-Spa Self-Facial!

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On Sunday I went on a bit of a day-trip with three friends to have a girly pampering spa-day. The only problem with this spa-day was that it was so incredibly busy (it was actually at a Center Parcs spa, more on that another time perhaps) that it was impossible to book in for treatments [...]

glowing model skin

Model Beauty Tips: How I Get Glowing Skin

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This video has been my most-requested so far. Everyone wants healthy, radiant and glowing skin and so I’ve pulled together a collection of skincare and makeup products that I use on a regular basis. Some of them are quite dear, so sorry about that! I’ll be filming a more budget-friendly version very soon, but this [...]

Moneybags Monday: The Sisley Compacts

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Are these compacts not just a thing of extreme beauty? The gold compact (phyto-touches ‘sun glow’) looks like a sleek, vintage cigarette case and the funky leopard-print (phyto-poudre compacte) is like something you’d have found in Marilyn Monroe’s clutch bag! I have got really into compacts over the last few months; after seeing on video [...]

My Mum Says…

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A warm welcome, if you please, for My Mum. She has just turned 60 and has the skin of a baby, and so I have roped her into sharing some of her secrets. She’ll be appearing on here every month and providing us with top tips and possibly some anecdotal material. Like me, My Mum [...]