Boots No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser

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The weather is getting warmer and I’m edging back towards my trusted tinted moisturisers. They’re less effort; unless you really do just slap them on willy-nilly, you’re unlikely to go far wrong. They don’t need a whole lot of blending and they look exceedingly natural. (Said Mr Kipling’s wife.) I’m really impressed with No7’s Triple [...]


Friday Flash Review: Naked Truth Face Renewal Mask

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“Woohoo! Friday Flash Review Time! No doubt you’re all punch-drunk on the Royal Wedding festivities and/or hiding in your airing cupboard until it’s all over. I refuse to cover the Royal Wedding in any way because I am b-o-r-e-d of it, which is why I’m in the Isle of Skye looking at otters and mountains. [...]

Becca Eye Tint in ‘Vicuna’

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I have been using this eye tint almost on a daily basis for about four or five weeks. That’s almost unheard of for me – usually I’m chopping and changing, testing out new things, finding faults with the old things.. But I can’t find much of a fault with the Becca Eye Tint. It gives [...]

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in 'Insouciance'

My Favourite Lip Gloss…

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Er…can someone please explain to me why I have only just discovered this lip gloss? It’s an outrage! There I was, thinking that I was Chanel Beauté’s biggest stalker, when all of a sudden I found out that there was an unbearably chic and luxurious gloss that I had never tried before! You know that [...]

Rodial Glamtox Eye Light Pen

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Because I couldn’t quite believe that I hadn’t already written about this Rodial pen I searched my archives for any mention of it. Do you know what I found? Three draft posts, all written on different dates, each starting with “I can’t quite believe that I haven’t already written about the Rodial Glamtox Eye Light [...]

Moneybags Monday: Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer

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Omorovicza’s Complexion Enhancer is a gorgeous skin perfector with a matte finish rather than the ‘dewy, glowy’ finish that many of these ‘almost tinted moisturisers’ seem to give. It’s also not quite as sheer as most (I’m thinking Laboratoire Remède’s UV Coat, Cosmetics a la Carte’s Skin Veil and Origins’ VitaZing) so it actually gives [...]

Origins Brighter By Nature SPF 30

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I’m so surprised that I liked this! It’s a powder foundation! Me, of the dewy, sheeny, barely-there finish, wearing a powder foundation! Origins ‘Brighter by Nature’ skin tone correcting makeup is a soft and creamy powder that applies really very smoothly to the skin. I kept on waiting to feel that hideous surge of dryness [...]

Victoria Secret Models

Model FAQ: Could I Be A Model?

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This must be the most frequently asked question of all: “Do you think I could be a model?” Girls send me snapshots and statistics, descriptions of their faces, how much they think they might grow by their sixteenth birthday; there’s only one real way to find out if you could be a model, and that’s [...]