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This Model Life

This Model Life Ruth Crilly

In 2003 I appeared in three hour-long TV programmes called This Model Life. If you’re old enough, you’ll have seen them the first time round – episode one saw me jetting off to Tokyo, episode two to New York and three at home in London. This Model Life is always repeating on bizarre channels all over the world so you may have caught an episode as recently as last week!

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that this documentary (a very good one, in my opinion!) was filmed in 2002 – nearly ten years ago. That’s why I sound and look a little different. Some people have seen the programme recently and assumed that it was filmed recently – not the case! My voice is about an octave deeper now, I don’t have hair that looks as though it has been cut with a lawnmower around a pudding bowl, and I would never wear most of the clothes that I appear in throughout the series. Including the weird orthopedic-looking rubber-soled slip-on sandals that I team with a D&G hot-pink denim pencil skirt in episode 2. Holy Mother of God.

This Model Life Ruth Crilly

If you’re wondering what all those ribbons are sticking out of the front of my body in the picture above, then wonder away – because I have absolutely no idea. It’s embarrassing enough having photos of yourself from many years ago and cringing at your fashion mistakes, but imagine having them repeatedly shown on television?!

Anyway, I’m not complaining. Being part of This Model Life was actually a wonderful experience – Jane Treays, acclaimed documentary maker, and her crew were a joy to work with and I have very fond memories. The whole television appearance gave my profile a huge boost and got me some amazing jobs, so I’m very grateful to have lucked-out in the way that I did. If you’d like to watch the three episodes of This Model Life, then you can do so at 4OD HERE, or if that doesn’t work, try YouTube HERE!


  1. I remember watching you in this! I actually stumbled across this website some time afterwards, and was totally delighted when I recognised you! It was just lovely to see that you managed to stick it out in an incredibly tough industry and make yourself a success. Embarrassing outfits aside, at least you can look back and see how far you’ve come! ;) xx

  2. Funny I just recently watched this on 4oD, I got a shock when I saw you haha xx

  3. It was after watching this that I found your blog – you came across as such a lovely person that I wanted to see what you’d done since. It’s a great programme and gave a real insight into the real world of modelling and not what us civvies think it is! You should be proud of it.

  4. Oh Ruth – have you watched The Model Agency then? What are your thoughts?

    • Unfortunately I have no time for television these days – I caught about five mins of it the other week, but not enough to make an informed judgement! Maybe I’ll have a look this weekend! x

  5. omgah! i remember this doco. how hilarious that it’s you.

  6. Wow Ruth, it must have been very fun to film this! Great experience!
    I’m going to watch it now, thanx for the links ;)

  7. sigh I just tried both of these links, but it seems they’re not available for viewing in my area (Italy). Such a shame, I was excited to see these episodes! Btw in the description it says you were 21 then, we’re the same age. You look so young Ruth, lol, from now on I’ll have to follow ALL your skicare tips ;DD
    I already did follow your recommendations with Sisley and Lierac & I’m loving them!
    Have a nice day & thanx for all your great tips!
    xx Sonja

  8. I didn’t know about this tv show, but I will def check it out on 4oD! Thank you Ruth!

  9. I watched this program when it first was shown and it was only recently when I stumbled upon your blog that I recognized your face. It’s great to see how you have progressed.

  10. Please dont be embarrased, you must be proud people think you look the same ten years later!! Fashion changes, there is nothing to be ashamed of. you are amazing

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