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This Model Life Ruth Crilly

In 2003 I appeared in three hour-long TV programmes called This Model Life. If you’re old enough, you’ll have seen them the first time round – episode one saw me jetting off to Tokyo, episode two to New York and three at home in London. This Model Life is always repeating on bizarre channels all over the world so you may have caught an episode as recently as last week!

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that this documentary (a very good one, in my opinion!) was filmed in 2002 – nearly ten years ago. That’s why I sound and look a little different. Some people have seen the programme recently and assumed that it was filmed recently – not the case! My voice is about an octave deeper now, I don’t have hair that looks as though it has been cut with a lawnmower around a pudding bowl, and I would never wear most of the clothes that I appear in throughout the series. Including the weird orthopedic-looking rubber-soled slip-on sandals that I team with a D&G hot-pink denim pencil skirt in episode 2. Holy Mother of God.

This Model Life Ruth Crilly

If you’re wondering what all those ribbons are sticking out of the front of my body in the picture above, then wonder away – because I have absolutely no idea. It’s embarrassing enough having photos of yourself from many years ago and cringing at your fashion mistakes, but imagine having them repeatedly shown on television?!

Anyway, I’m not complaining. Being part of This Model Life was actually a wonderful experience – Jane Treays, acclaimed documentary maker, and her crew were a joy to work with and I have very fond memories. The whole television appearance gave my profile a huge boost and got me some amazing jobs, so I’m very grateful to have lucked-out in the way that I did. If you’d like to watch the three episodes of This Model Life, then you can do so at 4OD HERE, or if that doesn’t work, try YouTube HERE!


  1. I just started watching this on 4oD having no idea when it was filmed. Got to your bit and was like WOW this must be old! Turns out I was right! :) So glad that you blog/youtube because it’s great to know how well you’ve done! <3

  2. i’m really sad that the website and the youtube link doesn’t work for me because i live in canada and it is not available in my country :( i really wanted to watch the documentary ruth, do you know any other ways i could?

  3. I was wondering Ruth, did you change agency since you started modelling? I recall you being with Models 1 in the documentary but now you are with FM? If you did change, would you mind if I asked why?

  4. I watched this back in 2003, I was 14 and just loved it! I was so into the idea of working in the fashion industry and it really inspired me. So glad you’ve done well! x

  5. Ah! I can’t watch it “in my area”, not even on Youtube…sucks -.-

  6. I watched it the first time round, I was abour 10 or 11? I always hope’d you’d do well! :)

  7. Amazing, well done with the first…I’m in my last year of literature and just finishing my dissertation. Fingers crossed for a first for me too please!

    I saw one video and I think you said you don’t get under eye circles much but I’m going to pick up a couple of bits in Selfridges tomorrow and need a decent under eye concealer (too many late night library sessions). Any recommendations – I was thinking of Clinique Airbrush?! x

  8. i love your blue peter thing heheeee

  9. haha thank you so much for the 4od link…i was worried i’d have to start on my dissertation. it’s fascinating!

    i’d never noticed how similar my sister looked to a young erin o’connor when she was modelling (albeit a bit earlier than erin – i forget which agencies she was with).

    what did you study at uni? your mum may have said in the video but i missed it. x

    • Law, but I left at the end of my second year to be a model. I did a degree in Literature whilst modelling though and got a first (woohoo!) so I didn’t give up on education! x

  10. Booh, it’s not available on youtube anymore :-(

  11. So funny that you wrote a blog about this, I just watched this seried the other night on 4OD. You were so sweet in it. And the little tortoise/turtle you had in New York was so cute! My mum recently watched it on 4OD too and I told her that you still model and made her watch one of your YT vids with me:)

  12. UGH can’t watch it in canada :(

  13. Awww, your Blue Peter chart. :-)

  14. I’m in the U.S. and I can’t watch it from either one of the linkss :((

  15. i watched this on youtube a few weeks ago and loved it :] and then when i found your blog and youtube was like ” = o thats the lovely model of the telly!!”…it brightened my day!

  16. I can’t watch it in Canada! But I think my youtube is still set for Portugal, as the msg appears in Portuguese (don’t know how to change the settings…)
    Maybe it’s not possible to watch it in continental Europe at all.

  17. Ruth! Is this you or a similiar model??? I was looking through hairstyles and came across this pic! :)

    • OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      That is me, but I have never worn that wig. Which means they have retouched it in. How utterly hideous!! HAHAHA!

  18. Nice, making me happy with nothing.
    you can’t watch this in Holland, not cool stupid channel 4

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