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I have procrastinated for weeks about posting this up, but after a marathon (very teary) reading session of Sophie Feels Better last night I have decided that now is the time. Sophie Feels Better is a blog written by LOOK magazine’s beauty editor, Sophie Beresiner, but it’s not a typical beauty blog. Sophie was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, at the age of 31, and in Sophie Feels Better she is recording her experiences with chemo and chemo side-effects and all of the curve-balls that life is throwing her at the moment.

I procrastinated about posting this because I didn’t know how to put into words quite how much admiration and respect I have for Sophie. She writes so engagingly and so positively that it’s difficult to even imagine that she’s unwell – her courage just absolutely floors me. I also procrastinated because I know Sophie – not well, but enough that suddenly stumbling across her first blog post (at Heathrow) sent me into a kind of numb stupor for the rest of my journey – and I haven’t had a chance to speak to her about Sophie Feels Better in person. I didn’t want to go yodelling the name of her blog all over the internet if she wanted to keep it reasonably  quiet…

But it’s in LOOK magazine, so I think (I hope!) I’m at liberty to say PLEASE READ! Sophie Feels Better has had quite a profound effect on me, and I hope it has on you too. It has taken me through just about every emotion possible and I feel very lucky to have been allowed access to the thoughts of a very brave and beautiful person.

You can read Sophie Feels Better HERE.


  1. @braveviet, sending you and your family hope and best wishes. It is the hardest thing to see someone strong wither before your eyes and I hope you have someone to talk to. Sending every bit of hope to you.

  2. A good friend of mine who’s my age, 19, has been recently diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and undergoing chemo. It’s just a pretty terrifying idea that someone who’s not even 20 can develop cancer like that… But she’s so incredibly positive it’s amazing :) Not even 2 weeks after her diagnosis she shaved her hair into a multi-coloured mohawk to raise money for cancer research and has raised over £2000. It kinda puts me to shame for worrying so much about the little things. Puts things into perspective.


  3. I had breast cancer at 37 and just finished chemo for ovarian cancer. I’m now 58.

    It’s really important for young women to get the word out that BC and OC aren’t diseases of older women. There are women in their teens and 20’s
    who are developing these cancers.

  4. thanks for sharing that

  5. through what you wrote I am sure she is one of the bravest people. But sorry, maybe another time. Right now we have to fully support one man very dear to us to go through a fight against cancer. It is so hard to watch him wither in front of our eyes. Reading another story about cancer, I might not handle it.

  6. I’m grabbing the tissues and locking the study door, this lady deserves a read and our best wishes. (I lost someone to cancer to)

  7. I read her beauty blog before she was diagnosed.

    Her new blog is a fantastic idea, but obviously it’s a shame about the circumstances that created it. If you do speak to her, send her our best wishes! x

  8. my brother has just, a few weeks ago, beaten cancer. He showed more courage that i would have believed possible throughout the whole thing. People like Sophie, and other people who have, or have had cancer are an incredible inspiration and reminder to put things into perspective when considering your own life. i wish her all the best.

  9. Checked out the blog and you are right. This is one helluva lady. A force of nature that Sophie! Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. I love her blog, I lost my mom to cancer and Sophie’s courage and attitude remind me of my her.. She is one very admirable lady and I’m keeping everything crossed for her!

  11. “p.s. Knitted turbans only look good with hair coming out the bottom. I trial and error so you don’t have to. You’re very welcome…”

    Laughing through tears here. Very humbled by her attitude. Not sure I’d be as brave. Thanks for sharing the link Ruth xx

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