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Schaufenster Magazine

Ruth Crilly Model

My latest photo shoot to come out; this was an editorial for Schaufenster Magazine which is published (I think!) in Austria. I love the makeup – it’s amazing how your attention really focuses on the face when hairstyles are taken out of the equation!

Ruth Crilly Model

We shot this in a huge derelict warehouse that was in the process of being renovated. The workmen did hardly any work whatsoever, especially when I was being changed into my many wacky outfits. Don’t let the wackiness fool you though – everything is high-end current season – the dress in the picture above is from Louis Vuitton and costs more than 4000 Euros!

Ruth Crilly Model

I don’t think that the picture above looks remotely like me – there’s something weird that has changed in my face! I think it’s either my lips or the shape of my nose that has been altered – either way, I don’t care, I love it!

Ruth Crilly Model

BEEP BEEEEP! Watch out, model coming through! In a bumper car driven by a deranged doll in a turban!

Ruth Crilly Model

“Let me out! Oh please let me out!”

“No naughty doll. You crashed the bumper car into a police van and now you must stay in your weird plastic coffin forever. Stop your whining. And get a tan!”

Ruth Crilly Model

“I got a tan! And now I’m going to operate on you! Relax human lady, this won’t hurt a bit!”


Photographer: Julia Saller, www.sternen-faenger.com

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  1. Oh so this is what you do all day, play with dolls and dress up in funky prints. What was your first idea when you saw the set and your full on makeup? My favorites are a draw between 1 and 3.

    • Thanks guys! I like it too! It was actually a really hard day – I flew in early so was up at 3.30am, shot until about 8pm in the evening and it was FREEEEEEEEEEEZING in there! xx

  2. I love it. They are amazing pictures. Everything looks a little cartoonish – I wonder how they do that.It would be so interesting to compare these pictures to the original photographs.

  3. These photos are absolutely stunning, I think it’s one of the best editorials I’ve seen in a while! The make up is lovely, I love the rich, vibrant golds, oranges and pinks with hints of turquoise.

  4. I love the pictures! The make up is unbelievable gorgeous, you look amazing! Could you recreate the eye make up in the first picture? It wouldnt have to be the with the same colours, i just reallly like the winged eyeliner and the defined crease!

  5. Beautiful ! True Art

    (the doll is creepy, though )

  6. You look beautiful :)

  7. Ha ha I really enjoyed the commentary! These pictures are gorgeous, the first one is my fave x

  8. I loovvvve this shoot!!! The make-up and the bright colours scream Summer to me!!

  9. *jaw drops I’m speechless but can I say just one word? WOW…x

  10. hahah this is tooo cute!

    LOVE your makeup, you look gorg girl! and the turquoise is so pretty :)

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