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Schaufenster Magazine

Ruth Crilly Model

My latest photo shoot to come out; this was an editorial for Schaufenster Magazine which is published (I think!) in Austria. I love the makeup – it’s amazing how your attention really focuses on the face when hairstyles are taken out of the equation!

Ruth Crilly Model

We shot this in a huge derelict warehouse that was in the process of being renovated. The workmen did hardly any work whatsoever, especially when I was being changed into my many wacky outfits. Don’t let the wackiness fool you though – everything is high-end current season – the dress in the picture above is from Louis Vuitton and costs more than 4000 Euros!

Ruth Crilly Model

I don’t think that the picture above looks remotely like me – there’s something weird that has changed in my face! I think it’s either my lips or the shape of my nose that has been altered – either way, I don’t care, I love it!

Ruth Crilly Model

BEEP BEEEEP! Watch out, model coming through! In a bumper car driven by a deranged doll in a turban!

Ruth Crilly Model

“Let me out! Oh please let me out!”

“No naughty doll. You crashed the bumper car into a police van and now you must stay in your weird plastic coffin forever. Stop your whining. And get a tan!”

Ruth Crilly Model

“I got a tan! And now I’m going to operate on you! Relax human lady, this won’t hurt a bit!”


Photographer: Julia Saller, www.sternen-faenger.com


  1. Ruth you look so incredibly beautiful in these pictures – the top one is unreal – brilliant completely breathtaking. I’m not usually one to ‘gush’ either.

  2. This looks absolutely amazing, love the makeup and the look in general x

  3. ruth, you look stunning as always, and my oh my blue eyeliner REALLY suits you !

  4. This is an absolutely gorgous shoot. You look fantastic – and the clothes are incredible. Anyone want to lend me 4k for the Louis Vuitton?

  5. I love these photos, they’re fab! Gorgeous colours. Love your blog, your posts always make me smile :)

  6. i must say… this is such an extraordinary photo shoot ruth! you look simply breathtaking amidst all the colors! :D

  7. Ruth you look stunning! Best shoot i’ve seen of yours! Amazing! And you look like a doll in the second picture :)
    Please tell me where the top/dress is from that your wearing in your first picture? xx

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