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Soap & Glory Catch a Wrinkle

Soap & Glory Catch a WrinkleLittle tip for those of you on a budget: Soap & Glory’s ‘Catch a Wrinkle’ is uncannily similar in smell to Bliss’s ‘The Youth As We Know It.’ And there are quite a few similarities in the ingredients lists. And they’re both anti-aging creams that promise to intensely hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles. Just saying!

‘The Youth As We Know It’, £56.20 HERE from LookFantastic, is an amazing cream but slightly too rich for my skin at present. I’m enjoying using the ‘Catch a Wrinkle’ which is a lighter formula and only costs – wait for this – £6.81!!!!!!!!!! It’s on offer at the moment on Boots.com HERE – it’s usually just over a tenner.

If you usually feel a bit reluctant to smother your expensive face cream all over your neck (as you should be doing, mark my words!) then this is a nice compromise. It’s very hydrating without being clogging and it contains sun filters so that it’s protecting skin from further damage. I have stocked up!


  1. The same woman started Bliss and Soap & Glory, perhaps accounting for the similarity: http://m.teenvogue.com/beauty/beautywork/2008/02/marciakilgore

    • Indeed, she’s a very clever lady! I think that Soap & Glory is the best ‘sister’ or ‘diffusion’ line (although they will hate me for saying that because they see them as entirely separate!) I have ever seen! SO successful! x

  2. Hi Ruth

    I can’t see it on offer on Boots website? Has it gone back to its full price perhaps?

    Elly x

  3. I’ve actually just bought this last week and have been using it for a few days now. Although it’s thicker than the moisturiser I was previously using (Dermalogica) it goes on really nicely, doesn’t feel thick on my skin, and absorbs really well – no greasy residue. Am not sure if it’s caught any wrinkles just yet, but I’m keen to keep using :)

  4. They’ve released a new face cream called “Feel Good Factor” – it’s promoted more as a facial sunscreen with SPF 25. Don’t think it is anti-ageging, just moisturising.

  5. Hey i wanted to ask how often can you use this during the day?

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