Model FAQ: Could I Be A Model?

This must be the most frequently asked question of all: “Do you think I could be a model?” Girls send me snapshots and statistics, descriptions of their faces, how much they think they might grow by their sixteenth birthday; there’s only one real way to find out if you could be a model, and that’s to approach a model agency.

Model agencies (reputable ones) have certain times of the week when you can just pop in – like an open casting call – and they’ll give you the once over. Model agents have usually been doing their job for years and they can spot a potential model from a mile off – sometimes they’ll get it wrong and an amazing girl will slip through the net, but generally they will be able to give you a big old ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

If this all sounds far too harsh and real, then prepare yourselves: that’s what it’s like! There’s no point hanging on to a dream with modelling – if you’re not going to work then there’s no point doing it. Unless of course you have a huge trust fund and you don’t need to make a living – in which case, lucky you!

You have to be extremely realistic if you want to be a model, it’s very competitive; new girls come in all the time and very few girls keep on working for years and years. If you go and see three or four agencies and they politely tell you that you’re just not right, then it’s best to take a bit of expert advice: you’re probably just not right. As I mentioned, girls do slip through the net and agents later admit that they hadn’t quite picked up on the ‘star quality’ that a girl had, but more often than not they know what they’re talking about.

So, sorry to start on a rather disheartening subject, but rather than obsessing over your measurements or whether your nose is too curved or your eyes look too startled – why not just go and see? You have nothing to lose – there are plenty of agencies out there to try, and the worst that can happen is that they say no. If they say no and you want desperately to be a model, then consider that ‘no’ to be your first practice rejection, because modelling is all about rejection and you have to be really thick-skinned!

Now onto the more positive note (not that this has so far been negative – it’s just very realistic!) – there are thousands of girls modelling, and each agency might have a slightly different market. Some may take very editorial-looking girls (quirky, edgy, strong features) and some may prefer commercial girls (classically beautiful or simply ‘pretty girl next door’). Until you try a few agencies, you won’t know where you fit in, so make sure that you do try a few! A nice booker will tell you where you may be best off going to next, but my advice would be to stick to agencies who are part of the AMA (Association of Model Agencies). These agencies abide by certain codes of conduct and I really would give these ones a try for an honest answer and good, solid advice.

Click here for a list of AMA Member agencies – you’ll see that all the top ones are members, Storm, FM, Models 1, Select and so on.

I shall be back with another post about how to act, dress, groom and prepare yourself for an agency visit as well as a post with a list of ‘features’ generally perceived to be the physical requirements of a model.



  1. Can I start working as a model of I’m 5’7 and 110lbs? I feel I’m too skinny but people keep telling me I could be a model in the USA
    My exact measurements are bust 34.7 – waist 25 – Hips 34.6
    What do you guys think?

  2. Lately some people that i know have been mentioning that i should pursue a modeling career. I am 15 years old, 5’9, i weigh 121 lbs and i think i’m in decent shape. However in my own opinion I cannot tell if i have the face for modeling. I have taken some pictures of myself, but really that’s just for fun. I believe that people cannot judge themselves fairly…so i came to this site to get an opinion.. I realize that if i do indeed pursue this line of work i need to start now… so have a look at my insta > @maggiepurrr

  3. My Grandma said I should go into plus size modeling because I’m a heavier set girl, but I don’t know if it would be a good idea. But I like to think that I have a pretty face. I have a few scars and my skin has all these funky things on them and I was wondering if anyone knows any ways to clear up your skin. Not on my face but on my body, I was told it might be dehydration but I don’t know. Please I would love to talk to someone with a little knowledge/experience on the subject.

    My Email:

  4. I’m 4″11 and stopped growing, seems no agency will take me :/ I’m not even attractive at all :(

  5. I have always been extremely self-conscious of my height, I am 5’10/11 and I feel that my height is made more obvious by the fact that I have always been naturally thin. I mean, no matter what I eat I stay looking thin. However I feel that one way to appreciate my height is by modelling. I also have vey long legs, but I want to know if you need big boobs to model? Cos being so naturally skinny means I have practically none :(

  6. Everyone is always telling me how pretty I look or how great my body is, but… I want to know if I am pretty enough or have good enough body to start modeling. I am a 19 years old and I’m mixed with black and white. I have long legs and a long torso..

  7. May be it will help me in future .. Thanx 4 d advice :-)

  8. Hello Ruth! Thanks for the information! I live in the U.S. Is there an association that you know of like the AMA here that covers agencies in the U.S.? Thanks!! -Brooke

  9. Everyone says that i should be a model when i was younger and i didn’t care but now i’m older i would love to be one i’m just really shy but thanks i will try

  10. Can I model with braced and dyed hair (although I’ve been told my hair looks natural)? I’m 13 years old and have fairly long legs and am pretty thin, thanks x

    • hey im thinking of being a model im 12 going onto 13 this year really wanted to be a model since a young age

      • What. The. Heck.
        First of all, why do you want to model at 13?!
        I’m sorry, but this honestly just sounds like a poorly veiled ‘I want to model so i can brag to the school about how i’m pretty enough to be a model’ thing. Why don’t you finish puberty and you know…SCHOOL first before even considering this hmmm?

    • stop voting for yourself.

  11. Hi ruth, I know this blog post went up months ago but I was wondering about cheek-bones. I know almost all high-fashion models (Well, almost all models really) have reasonably high cheek bones. I am desperate to be a model. I dont know why that is but I just cant help the fact that I wish I was a VS model. I have a good body, Im not going to lie and I have a reasonably nice face (Id say Im more of the ‘girl next door’ type model). Im constantly being told that I have great skin and pretty hair and stuff and I always just breeze it off modestly. But recently I have been feeling like I really want to model. My problm is that I am worried that my cheek-bones aren’t high enough. They are not plain invisible but I feel like they are holding me back in some way. I am desperate to be a model and I always dream that one day Illbe scouted on the streets.. I know this whole comment probably sounds incredibly self centered/obsessed but I feel like you’re the only one I can really talk too. Please help. xo

    P.S Just to let you know I am 5″7 and Im 13 xxxx I really love your videos, your my inspiration

    • Im also fit and quite slender

    • once again.
      you’re thirteen
      what the fuq.
      you really think that you’re going to become a victoria’s secret model at 13?!?!
      public school people are more self-centered then i thought they were.

  12. I am constantly being told that I should model (and I’m not the ‘popular-everyone-loves-me-commercially-pretty-type’) – adults approach me and ask if I am a model and, if not, say I should be. I have very low self esteem due to what I shudder to call “bullying” when I was young, so I’ve not taken then seriously until recently. I’ve never undermined a career in modeling by any means, but I’ve never had a desire to be photographed or have people constantly looking at me. I mean, I have boy-short hair and wear no makeup, for gods sake – I couldn’t be a model! But recently I’ve been pondering the idea of heading to one agency and seeing what they have to say, as potentially making money definitely wouldn’t be a problem with me. Thanks for the informative posts, as always, and the list of AMA agencies is super helpful.

  13. Thing with modelling casting is that if you’re tall and fit you’d more than likely be accepted “somewhere”, but don’t just give up after a few initial no’s. I’ve heard about so many big time models that say they were rejected so many times but they had to develop a thick skin and take whatever they say as constructive criticism and don’t take it to heart. My sister s a model, and she had so many agencies turning her down but she kept at it and now she’s with a very reputable agency.

    My sister keeps telling me I should do it because I’m 5′ 10 and fit, but I really don’t have a thick skin and I think I have a bit of an ego and too much pride. :D haha, I would never ever do good as a model.

  14. I’ve always wondered if I could model. I have super short hair (I shaved it for a friend going through chemo)and since them people have been telling me I look androgynous, which I guess is in? I’, 5’1″ so I never really thought I could be a model. This is very good advise though, thanks! :]

  15. What’s your best cure? Mines chocolate :)

  16. Hi Ruth
    You r so lucky you getcto go to so many places I would love to do that

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