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Model FAQ: Could I Be A Model?

This must be the most frequently asked question of all: “Do you think I could be a model?” Girls send me snapshots and statistics, descriptions of their faces, how much they think they might grow by their sixteenth birthday; there’s only one real way to find out if you could be a model, and that’s to approach a model agency.

Model agencies (reputable ones) have certain times of the week when you can just pop in – like an open casting call – and they’ll give you the once over. Model agents have usually been doing their job for years and they can spot a potential model from a mile off – sometimes they’ll get it wrong and an amazing girl will slip through the net, but generally they will be able to give you a big old ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

If this all sounds far too harsh and real, then prepare yourselves: that’s what it’s like! There’s no point hanging on to a dream with modelling – if you’re not going to work then there’s no point doing it. Unless of course you have a huge trust fund and you don’t need to make a living – in which case, lucky you!

You have to be extremely realistic if you want to be a model, it’s very competitive; new girls come in all the time and very few girls keep on working for years and years. If you go and see three or four agencies and they politely tell you that you’re just not right, then it’s best to take a bit of expert advice: you’re probably just not right. As I mentioned, girls do slip through the net and agents later admit that they hadn’t quite picked up on the ‘star quality’ that a girl had, but more often than not they know what they’re talking about.

So, sorry to start on a rather disheartening subject, but rather than obsessing over your measurements or whether your nose is too curved or your eyes look too startled – why not just go and see? You have nothing to lose – there are plenty of agencies out there to try, and the worst that can happen is that they say no. If they say no and you want desperately to be a model, then consider that ‘no’ to be your first practice rejection, because modelling is all about rejection and you have to be really thick-skinned!

Now onto the more positive note (not that this has so far been negative – it’s just very realistic!) – there are thousands of girls modelling, and each agency might have a slightly different market. Some may take very editorial-looking girls (quirky, edgy, strong features) and some may prefer commercial girls (classically beautiful or simply ‘pretty girl next door’). Until you try a few agencies, you won’t know where you fit in, so make sure that you do try a few! A nice booker will tell you where you may be best off going to next, but my advice would be to stick to agencies who are part of the AMA (Association of Model Agencies). These agencies abide by certain codes of conduct and I really would give these ones a try for an honest answer and good, solid advice.

Click here for a list of AMA Member agencies – you’ll see that all the top ones are members, Storm, FM, Models 1, Select and so on.

I shall be back with another post about how to act, dress, groom and prepare yourself for an agency visit as well as a post with a list of ‘features’ generally perceived to be the physical requirements of a model.


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  1. Fab and honest post Ruth. Love it.
    Btw you blog is my newest obsession…

  2. Thanks for this post it is really interesting. I would love to model but in reality from looking through magazines im not pretty enough :)

  3. I’ve tried the whol agency thing, and it didn’t work out for me. I tried many and they all turned me down. But then again, i was 15 back then so i looked completely different than i do now. So recently, i’ve decided to go a different rout. I’ve been doing little fashion shows here and there, my friends who are models have been recommending me for photographers who need models for photo shoots, and it’s been going up hill :)

  4. Thank you Ruth for such a great post about this. I receintly stepped onto the ground of scouting for an agency. That’s quite specific too.. And after trying to be a model myself it’s quite a great experience to see it from the different angle!

  5. Excellent post! This was very interesting to read!

  6. YAY! I love that you’re branching out and telling us about this too! I’m always curious what to wear for go sees and stuff, and am so looking forward to this!

  7. Do you consider yourself to be a girl-next door?
    How did you start modelling?

  8. This is a fantastic post! Can’t wait to read more about the ins of modeling!

  9. Hi Ruth, love your blog. I absolutely adore all things beauty and was just wondering if you knew anything about beauty work experience or internships either at magazines or in the industry? I just don’t know the best way to approach it as there’s so many girls desperate for an internship opportunity, so I was just wondering if you had any insiders tips? Thanks, Emily.xx

  10. Thanks Ruth, I’ve just Tweeted you (I think), only really just getting used to Twitter so hopefully you can see what I’ve written. I would really appreciate it if you could retweet it for me? Thanks again :) Emily.xx

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