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Boots No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser

Boots No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser

The weather is getting warmer and I’m edging back towards my trusted tinted moisturisers. They’re less effort; unless you really do just slap them on willy-nilly, you’re unlikely to go far wrong. They don’t need a whole lot of blending and they look exceedingly natural. (Said Mr Kipling’s wife.) I’m really impressed with No7’s Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser, it leaves skin looking even and healthy. The shade that I have been using, ‘Fair/Medium’ is absolutely spot-on and the finish is perfect – not too sheeny, but nicely moisturising.

I never use a tinted moisturiser instead of my moisturiser – I moisturise as normal and then wait for ten to fifteen minutes before applying my makeup. I usually use an oil-free moisturiser, or one that has been formulated for combination skin and that way I don’t get moisture overload in the oily areas.

No7’s Tinted Moisturiser is a bit of a dream-boat product, really – it performs well and it also has No7’s Five Star UVA technology, preventing long-term deep-down skin damage and premature signs of aging. It should by all accounts cost more than it does, but I’m very glad that it doesn’t!

Boots No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser is £12 from Boots.com HERE!


  1. just to add abit of colour and make my skin look better , i have a few freckles aswell but i know you cant really hide them

  2. Thanks for the reply :) ive bought the Boots No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser and it doesnt look too obvious but takes abit of blending into my kneck area, would the Origins Vitazing make me look “orange” since i have a pale complexion. i think i will try this one out next.
    Also an off topic question , do you put tinted moisturiser onto your ears and how are you supposed to do it i get so confused when it comes to them
    haha x thanks olly

    • @Olly OK, if you’re pale then the Vitazing is out – don’t go there! What’s your goal here? To even out skintone or add colour or what? xx

  3. Would this tinted moisturiser be obvious and look like makeup if men were to try it out?

    • @Olly not too obvious, no – make sure you rub it in properly…but may I recommend Origins Vitazing? Has just a HINT of a tint, makes skin look amazing and slightly tanned too, but on the shelf looks like a normal moisturiser. Hope that helps? xx

  4. I’d really like to like this product ( I am an avid No 7 fan). But, unfortunately the colour ‘fair’ is too dark for my very fair skin tone. It is a lovely consistency though, just a shame I’m a little too light for their fairest shade. Ah well nevermind, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect tinted moisturiser. Am tempted to try Laura Mercier’s one next.

    • @Lucy yes, that seems to be quite a frequent problem with tinted moisturisers! Becca do some good very fair ones.. x

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