Friday Flash Review: Paul & Joe Eye Make-Up Remover

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Random stream of thought coming right at ya! “Oooh. It’s Friday Flash Review time again and I’m back to writing down my thoughts. This might not appeal to some people. I can imagine that some people preferred my videos. Much more risk of coming across like a buffoon in a video though.. Or is there? [...]

Taking A Break

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Don’t worry – only for a week! And the posts are pre-scheduled so will still be coming thick and fast! (I’m conscientious like that, you know.) I thought that the double-bank-holiday would be a good time to escape and so escaping I am into a remote wilderness to stay in a cottage with no TV [...]

Schaufenster Magazine

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My latest photo shoot to come out; this was an editorial for Schaufenster Magazine which is published (I think!) in Austria. I love the makeup – it’s amazing how your attention really focuses on the face when hairstyles are taken out of the equation! We shot this in a huge derelict warehouse that was in [...]

Soap & Glory Catch a Wrinkle

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Little tip for those of you on a budget: Soap & Glory’s ‘Catch a Wrinkle’ is uncannily similar in smell to Bliss’s ‘The Youth As We Know It.’ And there are quite a few similarities in the ingredients lists. And they’re both anti-aging creams that promise to intensely hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles. Just [...]

Please Read.

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I have procrastinated for weeks about posting this up, but after a marathon (very teary) reading session of Sophie Feels Better last night I have decided that now is the time. Sophie Feels Better is a blog written by LOOK magazine’s beauty editor, Sophie Beresiner, but it’s not a typical beauty blog. Sophie was diagnosed [...]

A Simple Bronzed Spring Look.

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A while back I did a bronzey ‘face of the day’ with a slightly corally lip (whoa with the high-brow descriptions!) and at the weekend I decided to then do a video on it. I didn’t really use the same products as in my ‘face of the day’, but you’ll be pleased to know that [...]

Ruth Crilly Elle Magazine

Model FAQs!

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So many people email me asking about modelling that I have decided to set up a little section called Model FAQ. I can’t possibly answer all the emails individually, because I simply don’t have the time! Same goes for personal requests for skincare recommendations or shades of makeup for certain skin-tones; I wish that I [...]

Equipment Silk Shirts

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I have totally and utterly fallen in love with this camo-print shirt from Equipment. Expensive, (£255) but worth every penny – this has got to be one of the most amazing things I have set eyes on in recent months. I’m not big on prints, but there are a few very distinct advantages when it [...]