rituals under a fig tree

Rituals ‘Under a Fig Tree’ Fragrance Diffuser

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You may not be able to tell from the picture above, but the cardboard tube containing the Rituals ‘Under a Fig Tree’ Fragrance Diffuser has approximately the same dimensions as a missile launcher. It’s huge. If I was stood in the picture I’d be resting my elbow on the lid. I exaggerate, of course, but what [...]

Amazing Alpha-H Deal

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A lovely reader brought this offer to my attention; £107 worth of Alpha-H product selling for just £35.75 on Beauty Expert. I have no idea how they can afford to sell all of these products for such a low price – true, many of the products are travel sizes, but they are very generous travel [...]

Moneybags Monday: Jenny Packham's Nighty

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I want this, but it’s the same price as a holiday. Not that that usually stops me – if it’s something I can get a lot of wear out of – but this is highly impractical. Can I wear it to the shops? No. Can I wear it swanning about the house? No – I’ll [...]

Cheap (ish!) Everyday Makeup Video

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I found this very difficult to make, mainly because I truly have never used that many budget cosmetics in real life. Even when I was in my late teens I was spending way beyond my means and coming home with Dior, Lancome, the odd bit of Guerlain. I suppose, too, that I have always been [...]

Casall Sports Wear

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I have bought a lot of sports wear over the last ten years or so – much of it from places like TK Maxx, JD Sports and Sweaty Betty. But there’s one brand that I keep on coming back to, especially for sports bras and more fitted items, and that’s Casall. Casall’s products are slightly [...]

where can i use my kindle?

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i wanted to see whether or not i could edit my website from my kindle 3g and i can. i am in fact in the middle of a bavarian wilderness and i cant even get internet on my iphone. but im editing on a kindle. sllow and tedious but actually quite amazing. it has connectd [...]

Friday Flash Review: DiorShow 360 Mascara

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This week’s Friday Flash Review – the review in which I say whatever comes into my head – is all about Dior’s DiorShow 360. A mascara with an engine. “OK, not an engine. I just thought I’d wake you up a bit. It’s a mascara with a rotating brush that is supposed to..I have no [...]

Making Cologne in Cologne with 4711

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Last week I travelled to Cologne in Germany to learn all about Cologne and..er..make Cologne! I was beside myself with excitement at the prospect of actually making my own fragrance – I had visions of myself wearing a white coat, with my hair under a hair-net, clarting about with teat-pipettes and jars of liquids. Just [...]