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Right. Believe it or not this is now the fourth time that I have tried to write this post! I seem to always have dire problems when it comes to talking about products or brands that I really love – I mull over my words for ages and ages, trying to think of suitably fantastic things to say, and I can never seem to find words that are effective enough! Alpha-H is one of these brands – the first draft of this post dates back to September last year – and I feel acutely ashamed that I have taken so long to get these words down on paper. Screen. So, here we go: Alpha-H.

As you can probably tell from the picture above, Australian skincare brand Alpha-H don’t worry a whole lot about their packaging. (The Balancing Cleanser example is pretty much typical – some of the other products don’t even look as attractive as this one!) They are, and I will say this again I’m sure, wholly concerned with effectiveness. Driven only by results – not by fancy boxes, luxurious textures, ‘fig’ this and ‘rose otto’ that – they spend all of their time and energy checking and double-checking that things work, and then they sell them. Note that I don’t use the word ‘market’  -this is because I have hardly ever seen a less aggressive marketing strategy than Alpha-H’s. There’s no celebrity spouting crap about looking fifteen years younger, there’s no billboard campaign, no editorial ads and no wild promises splashed across the website. They rely almost entirely on the products ‘speaking for themselves’ which is rare in today’s competitive, overstuffed beauty industry.

The owner of Alpha-H is Michelle Doherty and I have met her on a number of occasions along with Tom Ogden who looks after the UK side of the brand. I can honestly say (and I’m sure I’ll say this again!) that I have rarely met two people so genuinely passionate about skincare and so utterly frank about what it can and can’t do. Both have suffered physically and emotionally because of skin problems, but you’d never tell now from looking at their skin! I’m hoping they won’t mind me saying this, but I get the feeling that they must feel very frustrated with the number of brands selling expensive ’empty’ products – products with no discernible use or benefit – when they have such a comprehensive, brilliantly-priced range of performance skincare. There’s nothing in the range that doesn’t need to be there – no superfluous toners or lotions – everything has a purpose, everything has been tested to exhaustion to ensure that it’s the most effective it can be. The level of active ingredients is incredibly high for the price-range that the brand sits in (a huge 200ml tube of cleanser comes in at £20) and they make every effort to keep any filler ingredients (water, for example) to the minimum so that value-for-money is at a maximum.

I’m a sucker for a beautifully packaged face cream or a lovely glass bottle of gorgeously-scented oil, but Alpha-H products have gradually nosed their way in to my firm favourites. I use the Balancing Cleanser (£20) nearly every day now because it’s so gentle but removes every scrap of makeup, including mascara; their hero product, Liquid Gold is simply incredible. (There’ll be a review coming up on that in the next few weeks, which is one of the reasons I thought I should get my act together and tell you a bit about the brand first!)

What I love about Alpha-H is that it just seems so…chilled out and self-assured. It’s like the products are on my shelf in the bathroom saying, “yeah, sweetheart. You use that rose-scented cleanser this morning. You’ll be back to me tonight when you need a real man.’ (God, another one of my amazingly bad analogies! HA!) It’s true though, that Alpha-H is fast becoming one of my staple brands. The products don’t promise to ‘wrap you in a veil of softest moisture’ or ‘send your soul to the fragrant slopes of the Atlas mountains’, they don’t  ‘wow’ you with a ‘sensory journey’ or give you that little feeling of naughty luxury that you get when you buy a Chanel lipstick or a YSL palette…

What they do do – and this must be said in a strong Aussie accent – is THEY BLOODY WORK, MATE! If you want good skin and you don’t want to pay 90% of your premium for flash advertising and a nice bottle, then Alpha-H is your man. Or woman. (Sorry, Michelle!)

Alpha-H can be bought at BeautyBay.com with free worldwide delivery


  1. After hearing you gush about Alpha-H for years now I am finally taking the leap of faith and have ordered my first batch of liquid gold. Looking forward to trying it out!

  2. Hi there, I currently use the Forever Living aloe vera products as my daily routine (scrub, toner and moisturiser), but I’ve been told to cleanse twice every morning, I have very oily, acne prone skin, but then my spots dry up which leaves that part obviously dry. My aunty recommended Alpha-H triple action cleanser to me. I’m waiting for it to arrive but was wondering if I could still use my toner after washing my face with this? I read in a description that you don’t need a seperate toner. I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me with some advice. I love the Forever Living scrub and aloe vera gelly, so I wont be changing that, but I want to know if the Alpha-H would be good aswell? Thank you. x

  3. If you have acne-prone skin (but mostly concerned with blackheads), would you recommend the triple-action cleanser or the balancing cleanser?

    • Sophie, I’ve been using this product for years – their triple action cleanser is a great all rounder and can even be used close to the eyes to remove make up. If you suffer from regular break outs team this up with their micro cleanse exfoliant.

  4. Hi I have a query, so I’ve ordered the alpha h liquid gold from a website called cult beauty. However the packaging is nothing like this one it’s in a gold thick cylinder with a different logo are they different products? Or have I just got a fake one? And do they work the same??

  5. Bonjour,

    Je viens de recevoir ma commande 5 pieces discovery collection.

    Seulement la notice est en Anglais et je ne parle que le français.
    Vous serez t -il possible de m’envoyer le mode d’emploi via le net afin que je puisse grâce à un traducteur avoir les consignes à suivre en Français. Par avance, je vous en remercie. Bien cordialement.

  6. Hi Ruth
    I am using Alpha-H for over a year now. Very happy! Thank you for your recommendations.

    I am currently using :
    1.Liquid Gold,
    2.Absolute Eye Complex,
    3.Age delay Eye and Lip Treatment,
    4.Balancing cleanser with Aloe Vera,
    5.Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+,
    6.Liquid Gold mask,
    7.Micro Cleanse Exfoliator,
    8.Facial Mist,
    9.Rejuvenating cream with 10% Glycolic acid and Vit C

    OMG! That is almost all their range of product :D

    I am thinking to buy White Gold as I have developed some hyperpigmentation (had few spots recently). However, I don;t seem to find it anywhere… :( Has it been discontinued? Has it been re-named into something else?

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