Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

This ticks all of the important facial mist boxes and some: purifying, toning and hydrating, it smells incredible, feels fresh and does all of this without containing a drop of alcohol. Some facial mists – even the expensive ones – seem to be rather drying once the initial effects have worn off; the Omorovicza version keeps the skin nicely freshened. The scent is one of my favourites, Orange Blossom, and the base of the mist, the water, is Hungarian Thermal Water which is the inspiration for the entire Omorovicza range. The thermal baths in Hungary have mineral-rich waters that are supposed to have incredible effects on the skin – so much so that that there are mud baths that will only let you stay in for twenty minutes! I wonder what happens if you overstay? I can imagine me sat there, reading on my Kindle, hauling myself out after three hours and glowing like a radioactive superhero!

Back to the mist: this is another Omorovicza product that gets a big old tick-in-the-box from me. It’s not cheap – Omorovicza are firmly in the ‘luxury’ category – but this mist is surprisingly only £14 more expensive than Caudalie’s version. If it’s alcohol-free luxury you’re after, it’s well worth the extra! It’s perfect to take on holiday – both for in-flight care and on-beach reviving. It’s also brilliant if you like to ‘tone’ but don’t want to use a standard toner – this one is gentle and healing and great for sweeping away last traces of cleanser whilst prepping the skin for moisturiser and makeup.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist is £46 from Cult Beauty

UPDATE: from today until the 29th, Omorovicza are having a facial event at Harrods – the firming gold experience costs £110 for 75 minutes including extraction. I can’t think of anything more luxurious and lovely – especially as fellow model Zoe raved about hers so much last year. I wonder if they’ll give me a facial if I…er….offer to wash the dishes. Or something. Every facial customer will receive a gift worth £50 and another gift if they purchase any product from the Omorovicza range. Bookings can be made on this number:  020 7893 8333


  1. Hey Ruth, I’m actually considering purchasing this so-praised mist. I was wondering, have u used Caudelie Beauty Elixir? I like that very much and i thought u might do a comparaison between the two. Thanks a lot!

  2. Mm I always end up with terrible skin after festivals xx

  3. Yes do a festival skincare video! that would be soo useful xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I’m going to glastonbury festival in a few weeks and i was wondering what kind of skincare you would recomend for somewhere with limited water access and no warm water… I have very acne prone skin and i want to keep the breakouts at bay as much as possible!

  5. I only started using face mists this year and they really are lifesavers when you’re stuck in a stuffy office! x

  6. Hi Ruth,
    I really adore your blog and videos! I just discovered them and I’m having a blast getting through them! Any advice on getting started for my new blog would be greatly appreciated! I love your work!

  7. I was lucky enough to win a bottle of this, and I love it. They sent me some samples of other products along with it, and I love them so much that I will probably take the plunge and actually buy some Omorovicza products soon. From what I’ve tested, they are definitely worth the money.

  8. This sounds lovely, alcohol-free too! Like Ola, I thought “…only £14!” before getting onto the next line; it’s the placing of the break that does it.

    Could you do a post on face mists like your ‘alternatives to bioderma’ post? I seem to remember you mentioning the Paul & Joe one way back and maybe some others. I find them nice to use under tinted moisturizers. I don’t know why, but for me it makes them look a whole lot better!

  9. I was a bridesmaid in Hungary for a wedding when I was younger. The baths were fantastic, beautiful and just amazing. I wish I could go back.
    Definitely not as foul as drinking the water from Bath!

  10. For a second there I thought you said “this mist is surprisingly only £14 …” then saw the next paragraph – “MORE EXPENSIVE THAN…” ;) Yeah, way too good to be true!

    God I’m DYING to try something from Omorovicza. Once I take a plunge (when I get a pay rise;)) it will probably be the deep cleansing face mask you once reviewed :)

    • @Ola yes, that’s a star buy! Still haven’t found anything that can draw out previously non-existent spots in quite so little time! It’s like rocket fuel!

  11. Why do you do this to us?!!!…….must not pick up phone…..strength fading…..oh mr has helped replace the phone to the cradle …….shame :-(

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