Chloé Rose Edition Eau de Parfum

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Chloé Rose Edition Eau de Parfum

I know that this perfume has been out for a while, but I have only recently tried it. How did this, a rose inspired fragrance, escape my eagle eye? The original Chloé perfume has been given a pretty pink ribbon for spring and the addition of rose to the fragrance has made it slightly fresher for the summer months ahead. I like it a lot! The bottle feels really tiny for some reason, even though it’s a 50ml, but it looks and feels extremely heavy and expensive, so all good on the packaging front.

If you love the original you might want to try and give this a sniff on counter, or you can buy online from here:

Chloé Rose Edition Eau de Parfum costs £52 for 50ml, nationwide.

8 Responses to "Chloé Rose Edition Eau de Parfum"
  1. Beccala says:

    Yes, I love it!!! It`s more powdery than the normal Chloé EdP but I love it even more. I have over 300 fragrances (I know, I`m crazy) and the new Chloé scent is definitely one of my favorite perfumes. I`m really looking forward to this new Rose Edition. It`s not available in Switzerland yet. :-( x

  2. Beccala says:

    Ruth, have you tried the new scent Love, Chloé? What do you think?

  3. productdoctor says:

    I love rose scents!

  4. Cia says:

    my next perfume! ive been wanting it for a while but i ended up getting chanels chance :/
    oh, well. ill probably buy it payday anyhow

  5. Ida says:

    The bottle is crap. I’ve had my Chloé perfume since 2009 and it’s literally falling apart. None of my other perfume bottles are. The metal bits are peeling off, I mean…what the hell, you £52 perfume?

  6. Jennifer B. says:

    I NEED this!!! The original is awesome! I have a tiny bottle of it, and it has lasted so long.

  7. Gabby says:

    I’ve recently bought this as well, I love the scent, however, I think it smells too much like the original, maybe just a little stronger and sweeter. Although I do love the packaging!

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