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NARS Summer 2011

NARS Summer 2011

My NARS Summer 2011 video has been up on YouTube for a week now and I have only just got around to posting it up here for you all. Shame on me! I’ll let you into a little secret: I am extremely busy at the moment, working on a new project. I think you’ll love it! But you’ll have to bear with me if my posts are a little ‘thinned out’ for a week or so. I know you’re used to me spoiling you with plenty of in-depth what-nots and long-winded anecdotes, but I’ll be back to being Jackanory once I have things sorted with Project Ssssh.

Enjoy the NARS video – once again the wonderful blush/bronze compact makes an appearance, and I also have a little experimental session with bright blue eyeshadow. If you want to have a look at prices and shades and so on, there’s a link below the video pane. My favourite product from the 2011 collection is, obviously, the blush/bronze, but I also think that the illuminator in Copacabana is great. Much better, in fact, than the ‘Orgasm’ version which was the star product in this month’s Glossybox. (If you’re dallying between the two, go for the Copacabana – it packs more of a punch, glow-wise.)


Shopping Links:

All NARS products can be viewed here: http://tinyurl.com/spacenknars
The Japonesque brushes can be seen here: http://tinyurl.com/jljapon

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  1. Is that body illuminator on the spacenk website too? Can’t seem to find it & what a ginormous tube!

  2. Ruth, can you use the Copacabana illuminator on your face do you think? Or would you recommend the Orgasm one for a more subtle finish? NARS products are all a bit new to me!


    • @Emily definitely on your face! Dot tiny amounts onto tops of cheekbones and just beneath the brow bone and then blends. TINY amounts! You don’t want to look like a shiny metal robot! x

  3. Tsss, making us curious like that!
    I wonder what it could be, don’t keep us in suspense for too long please :)

  4. Hi Ruth, I am really loving how these NARS eyeshadows look. DO you know whether they contain parabens? I’ve tried to google but can’t find any info. x

    • @Claire I have no idea whatsoever. Personally, it wouldn’t worry me too much if they did, which I’m sure they have – I have been doing quite a lot of research into the whole paraben issue and I think that some ‘information’ has been misleading. I’ll be writing about it soon! But if they worry you, then perhaps stick to cosmetics that clearly state ‘paraben free’ – I’ll try and find out about the NARS! x

  5. Aww thank Ruth for the info. I will watch out for the info you have on parabens! I wondered if there was an ingredients list on the back of the eyeshadows. It would be great if you find out – I don’t live near a NARS stockists unfortunately! Thanks again x

  6. I loooove the effect of the body illuminator!
    So, I was trying to get it via internet, but it’s kind of hard to get, at least without being charged loads of fees for delivery..
    Do you know any alternitive with equal value to it?

  7. Hi Ruth! Just want you to know that I love watching you and how you present yourself. You have officially become one of my idols. I really hope I’d be able to see you in person one day, God bless and much love from The Philippines!

  8. i think it’s likely the shadows contain parabens as i know that other NARS shadows have. i’ll be interested to read your post on parabens, ruth! it’s become such a huge issue…i do avoid them in body products, but still wonder if everything we’re hearing is warranted.

    • @Jamie apparently not – blown out of proportion quite a bit. But it’s fuelling a huge market for expensive, ‘natural’ products – so the cosmetics industry has a win-win situation really, doesn’t it?! x

  9. I really like the eye trio, I’ve been wearing it a lot for the last few weeks (and I’m really pale – it still looks good!) x

  10. I picked up the NARS Laguna Body illuminator after seeing your video on it! I love it! Gives the perfect glow without going overboard, which is perfect for my already dark skin! Thanks!

  11. Ruth, I’ve always noticed that most of the time you apply liquid makeup with your fingers, without using a brush, and it does not interfer with your moisturizer. Did you try either Alpha-H seruns or olen henriksen vitamin C serum?
    I tried olen henriksen and my skin gets sticky and leaves white stuff if I rub too much or apply makeup after. I wonder if it’s because of the vitamin C and Alpha-H would do the same… No other serum did this to me before. And I REALLY hate the sticky feeling. It would be completly impossible to apply that NARS’ bronzer after that serum, for example.

    • @Vera I would never apply makeup over a serum, the texture feels wrong, a bit too tacky! Fine to just use serum at night, such as the Alpha-H, but in the daytime you need to follow with a moisturiser so that you have a nicely primed surface x

  12. Hi Ruth, thanks once again for a lovely and inspiring make-up video! you’ve really helped me to be more relaxed about eye make-up and I’m testing all sorts of combinations nowadays, after years of repeating the same boring style.. Make-up can be fun and easy : ) I might even test an illuminator : )

  13. Does anyone else after watching this video feel the urge to rush into their bathroom and apply a layer of body lotion.

    Cheers Ruth thanks for the kick up the bum, ahem, motivation.

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