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Operation Go!

Next week, ladies and gentle-beans, sees the beginning of Operation Go! No, that’s not the secret that I am so diligently keeping from you, so don’t get all over-excited – Operation Go! is basically me, getting my ass in gear and doing some serious exercise. I must must must get back into the Gym Habit (that’s not like a monk’s habit, by the way – I’d look funny on the treadmill in one of those! Ahhhhhhhhhhh-men!) which is proving to be much more difficult than I thought it would be. For the following reasons:

1) Work

2) Work


3) Work.

With this new super-project (project Ssshhh to regular readers) taking up every minute of the day, it’s hard to even conceive when I would find the time to make it down to Cannon Street and my lovely, on-the-river Nuffield Health gym. But I must! I must make an effort, or it’s one big gigantic waste of money – and, more importantly, my arse is going to start expanding at an alarming rate if it doesn’t start seeing some serious movement! (Don’t be childish.)

So – are we doing this together, people? Operation Go? Any Americans reading? Can we get a ‘HELL YEAH’?



  1. I’m with you! I’ve been working on my master thesis the last couple of months and haven’t really been excersicing since…march! But I handed it in on Tuesday this week, so now I have pleanty of time to excercise again! Woop!

  2. Absolutely can’t wait to see what Project Ssshhhh is all about! Good luck on Operation Go too! You seem to have a liking to titling everything you do lol. xx

  3. Good luck – not that you need it! I think i’d sell my soul for a body like yours! I’ve been doing 30 mins (minimum) of cross trainer at least 5 days a week for exactly four months now. Result: none. I feel fitter but i look no different and my weight is the same as when i started. I’m not huge – 9 stone and 5ft7. But i have cellulite from arse to knees and the dreaded jodpur shaped thighs. I’m so disappointed that my brain can’t accept such failure – i’ve decided to wear the tight jeans anyway and delude myself that i look fabulous!

    • @Annette – I’m no personal trainer, but I DO know that sometimes doing just one exercise type like that has absolutely no effect! Maybe talk to a trainer at the gym and tell them what’s happening! x

  4. Definitely! That’s my mission as well!

  5. Between work & uni I have had no gym time but I start holidays next week and am TOTALLY with you! xo

  6. I`m with you! Will start doing Tracy Anderson method tomorrow or else I will not fit in the bikini :) Have an important exam today, so I cant start today, but I promise to start tomorrow :D

    Have a great day!

  7. Hell yeah – let’s do it! :)

  8. Me too! I finally finished a gruesome round of eight exams on Tuesday, but I’ve just come back from a three mile run! Maybe I’ll be ready for the marathon next summer?

  9. American here. HELL YEAH!

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