Operation Go!

Next week, ladies and gentle-beans, sees the beginning of Operation Go! No, that’s not the secret that I am so diligently keeping from you, so don’t get all over-excited – Operation Go! is basically me, getting my ass in gear and doing some serious exercise. I must must must get back into the Gym Habit (that’s not like a monk’s habit, by the way – I’d look funny on the treadmill in one of those! Ahhhhhhhhhhh-men!) which is proving to be much more difficult than I thought it would be. For the following reasons:

1) Work

2) Work


3) Work.

With this new super-project (project Ssshhh to regular readers) taking up every minute of the day, it’s hard to even conceive when I would find the time to make it down to Cannon Street and my lovely, on-the-river Nuffield Health gym. But I must! I must make an effort, or it’s one big gigantic waste of money – and, more importantly, my arse is going to start expanding at an alarming rate if it doesn’t start seeing some serious movement! (Don’t be childish.)

So – are we doing this together, people? Operation Go? Any Americans reading? Can we get a ‘HELL YEAH’?



  1. Reading this post, I remember feeling exactly the same way two months ago. And I did sign myself up for hot dynamic yoga/pilates classes and did it for 3 then 5 then 4 times a week (1.5 hours, 42 degrees). It’s been great (sweating on shins’s familiar) until this week when one of my knees gave out. Now I feel like I’ve lost it and that a month before swimsuit week. So, my (uncalled for) advice would be be serious but also take it easy.

  2. Hey I look up to you so much and I hope to be like you one day! I am 17 and I just got signed with Next modeling agency and im so scared to start traveling and everything! Please help me and tell me what to expect or some top best beauty tips that all the models do in the industry so I dont go into the castings having what they dont have. Also I need to have fresh green juices and vitamins that are supposed to be in the the refrigerator so how do I take that with me when I travel cause if I dont have a juicer and fresh veggies my skin looks horrible! I am so scared and I dont know what to expect, but I want to do well so please email me with any tips that I should do and what should i do about that fresh juice thing and vitamins, what do you do for eating and supplements cause I have very bad skin unless I have this. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! I hope to one day be half the model that you are!

  3. So a bit like the Atkins diet then Ruth? High protein, Low carbs?
    Thanx. Ill keep with the protein shakes and stock up on chicken for now then. Lol. Hope all goes well with the workout regime! x

  4. HELL YEAH! I have got to lose this winter weight!!

  5. Reading about all these big asses. Is that an ageing thing? COz mine is very not in proportion to my tiny bod. Now, Im starting to believe its due to getting old.
    Doing loadsa outdoor running, spinning classes, and Zumba as well as indoor gym work too! Started SPinning since I read Ruth’s scary blog!! (And her suggested method to push urself on the bike really works! :-S)
    Problem is, doing more exercise also means I end up wanting to eat more too, and that defeats the object.. anyone know of ways to counteract this problem.. please???? xXXX

    • @Sammi I feel your pain. Exercise makes me so hungry! My gym-man said high protein will fill me up…

  6. Hey ruth,

    I’m doing something very similar to your ‘operation GO’ and also blogging about it. Every time I start an exercise routine it always seems to fad out after a couple of weeks so now I’m trying to see if blogging about it will keep me going. I’ve just started so would be cool if you could check it out.


    Wishing you all the best with operation go =)

  7. I am SO with you! My ass has grown by about 50 sizes in the past few months. Operation GO GO GO!

  8. Ruth, have you heard of http://www.bodyrock.tv? Some very effective and intense workouts posted there.

  9. I am SOOO with you Ruth!! School is almost out..next year is senior year for me. By the way I live in the U.S haha. I am ready to be active. School prohibites me from working out..well, not really I just have no extra time to go to the gym. School is out on the 10th after that I am getting myself back where I want to be and I will start going on my castings again. Casting are really picking up right now and I need to be ready! WOOHOO let’s do this! (:


  10. Here is my HELL YEAH from Germany. I restarted my workout a week ago and I’m so out of form.

    I love your gym motivation, I tried to think of Victoria’s Secret giving me a call when I was on treadmill last time, but although we share the tooth gap this is a million miles away from my reality. :-D

    Trying to think of an other motivation… perhaps wearing VS without looking to ridiculious? We’ll see… ;-)

    Love Jennie

  11. OUI!! from montreal canada :D i just finished my exam and i will go to the gym tomorrow! XD

  12. hell yeahhhh! ive been working out loads lately with the jillian michaels dvds (perhaps worth investing in if you really dont have time to go to the gym, the 30 day shred workout’s only 20mins long and v intensive! really gets me into shape fast!) and im starting to feel confident about looking good this summer! go go go!

  13. I found out that 30 minutes of cardio before going to bed helps my sleeping, and if I don’t do it, it takes me like 4 hours to find sleep, and I don’t sleep very well. So I’m with you!!!
    Lexi from France !

  14. I’m in and “Hell Yeah”! I powered up on piltates from once a week to two times a week, tomorrow starts my “saturday-jogging-day- project” and on sunday I’m checking out a new fancy gym in town (they have a pool :D)
    with hitting 30 next year I can count on nature anymore, byebye days when all i had to do to stay in shape was eating and going everywhere by foot (if possible) :(

  15. You can have a hell yeah, a high five and a darn tootin!! From the UK lol. I only do 15-20 mins of aerobic and strength exercise everyday or every other day and I switch constantly to keep the body guessing, it’s far better for your body than waiting a week before exercising again, for me at least I find it easier to find 15 minutes daily etc than trying to take a few hours on a certain day. Try it believe me your body and immune system will thank you, obviously this doesn’t apply to the super shhhhh Ruth, not happy about you keeping secrets from us young lady (loving the mum tone of voice in my head even though I’m not a mum) so you’d better spit it out as I can’t take anymore shhhhhing!! Lol.

  16. French canadian here and I say OUI !! I’m so getting back into the gym habit with you. Oh and I was wondering if you could do a video of what you used as skincare in your twenties, because I want my skin to look as fabulous as yours when I am 30 :)

  17. P.s. when will Project Ssshhh be revealed? The suspense is killing me!x

  18. You’ve really inspired me to get back into the gym Ruth! It’s so easy to get out of the routine, and then a few days leads to a few weeks and then you find yourself slumped in bed, with no energy, attacking a packet of Crunchie Rocks! Definitely hit a new gym-avoidance low. Operation go has definitely motivated me!xx

  19. “Hell Yeah!”. This may be just the help I need to get myself motivated.

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