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where can i use my kindle?

i wanted to see whether or not i could edit my website from my kindle 3g and i can. i am in fact in the middle of a bavarian wilderness and i cant even get internet on my iphone. but im editing on a kindle. sllow and tedious but actually quite amazing. it has connectd to the kindles own cloud network and thats free unlike if i used my phone. impressive. this little device is in no way cut out for internet use but for emergencies its perfectly usable. just one more reason for me to love my kindle. am constantly impressed. butons are rubbish and its too much hassle to use any punctuation except the full stop but it does the job and doesnt need a contract or a dongle or some expensive monthly imternet deal. i love you kindle.

(Please note that the image was added at a later date from my Mac, not from the Kindle. I could easily have published straight from the Kindle, but I like things to look nice. Click HERE to see the Kindle on Amazon.)


  1. Now do I download Black Beauty? Or will it make me feel guilty for every time I’ve hesitantly sat myself down on a pony’s back?

  2. And the free books Sophie!

    Although they are public domain and you could painstakingly read them on a laptop if you so choose.

  3. I have been debating on getting a kindle but i really cannot make up my mind. When you buy a book on the kindle is it cheaper than buying an actual book?

  4. Hi i have been reading all the comments and keep hearing you talk about loving the kindle, can you use it for the internet? Or is it mainly for downloading books? Also can you put things like i tunes or photographs on it aswel?


    • @Amanda no, it’s primary use is for reading. It’s not a computer, but it stores up to 3500 books and it’s not backlit like an ipod/ipad/laptop so it doesn’t hurt your eyes to read for long periods of time. x

  5. I cheated and got the Amazon Kindle app on my phone. And THEN I discovered all the free books you can download with it – yay! Hullo Crime and Punishment – please don’t be dull.

    Libraries are almost certainly doomed. :-(

  6. @Sophie, I’ve had that problem too but mainly when I try to log into hotmail or facebook. It worked fine on one or two occasions but then just seemed to get a bit temperamental! It usually works quite well for google-ing things though.

  7. Eve, also be aware that Kindle’s internet only works in some countries. I have a friend who registered her kindle with a Portuguese address and she couldn’t have access to internet. Then she found out about that issue and once she registered with an american address (as part of her family lives in Texas) she managed to get it.
    She never mentioned anything about buying books. Her native language is both english and portuguese, so I think that ordering books only from the american amazon doesn’t bother her all that much.

  8. Hi Ruth, I too am completely in love with my kindle….however whenever I attempt to use the internet it freezes up for a good 5 mins so haven’t managed to use it succesfully yet. I thought this was a general kindle problem but maybe its just mine!! Shall have to look into it….

  9. Just came back and saw all the suggestions provided! Thanks everybody! :) Your site is like a little forum too x

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