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where can i use my kindle?

i wanted to see whether or not i could edit my website from my kindle 3g and i can. i am in fact in the middle of a bavarian wilderness and i cant even get internet on my iphone. but im editing on a kindle. sllow and tedious but actually quite amazing. it has connectd to the kindles own cloud network and thats free unlike if i used my phone. impressive. this little device is in no way cut out for internet use but for emergencies its perfectly usable. just one more reason for me to love my kindle. am constantly impressed. butons are rubbish and its too much hassle to use any punctuation except the full stop but it does the job and doesnt need a contract or a dongle or some expensive monthly imternet deal. i love you kindle.

(Please note that the image was added at a later date from my Mac, not from the Kindle. I could easily have published straight from the Kindle, but I like things to look nice. Click HERE to see the Kindle on Amazon.)

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  1. Awesome! I have always wondered if this version could go on to other websites other than for downloading books. Good to know. Thanks!

  2. I want a Kindle so bad, especially after so much gushing from you too. I am an avid reader, can just get absorbed in a bok for hours and hours, and have been building up my collection over the years. There’s just something that is so satisfying about seeing a beautiful library collection of books, do I sound like a nerd? x But I get SO frustrated with the dist that accumulates on the shelves, to the point that I’m seriously contemplating about selling them all off. A kindle would be the best alternative possibility, but I’ve heard something about how you can only buy the books from Amazon UK and US. Seems like it’s not supported in Singapore! :/

    I feel like I’ve just told you my personal life story haha, this is really long xx

    • @Eve not at all, I like these little story comments people leave! xx Shame you can’t download the books – are you sure? maybe check that out before getting disappointed! I love seeing my library spread out too, but there are very few books I’ll read twice so in a way it’s a total waste of space! x

  3. *dust that accumulates. I mean! x

  4. Yeah just checked and got disappointed x The first moment it’s supported here I’m gonna run to sell off all these books of mine and order a Kindle strightaway! :)

  5. AHA! Now I understand, I was wondering why you didn’t use any Capital letters. Has she gone mad i thought. :)

  6. Eve – I have family in Singapore and was wondering about this very issue. I found this blog: http://parkablogs.com/content/guide-buying-amazon-kindle-singapore. Seems like Kindles aren’t shipped to Singapore, but if you have friends/family in US or UK, maybe you can get around that. As far as buying the books from Singapore, looks like using Amazon gift certificates is the easiest way to go.

  7. I live in Bavaria and mine was bought and registered in the USA so I can only buy American books from amazon.com for it. Better than nothing but I sometimes wish I could buy books from the UK too. I don’t know but could that work for Singapore?

  8. hey ruth, i’m not sure if it’s just me but your website doesn’t load properly on chrome and firefox on my macbook pro (leopard). it’s fine on safari though. what happens is that the pictures on the sidebar and on the stockist page don’t show up. any ideas?

  9. I bought my kindle because of ur previous post about it! Been trying to decide for sooo long, and i ordered it straight away after reading ur comments on it. And i havent had a single regret yet :D

    @Eve: Theres ways of going around that :p

  10. Get the iPad instead! You can do it all!

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