Amazing Alpha-H Deal

alpha-h reviewA lovely reader brought this offer to my attention; £107 worth of Alpha-H product selling for just £35.75 on Beauty Expert. I have no idea how they can afford to sell all of these products for such a low price – true, many of the products are travel sizes, but they are very generous travel sizes indeed. It’s a brilliant way to test out Alpha-H if you don’t want to invest in full-sized products or if you’re already a die-hard Alpha-H fan (there seem to be loads of you out there!) then it’s handy to have smaller sizes to pop into your handbag or in-flight toiletries kit.

I wrote a short overview of the Alpha-H brand not so long ago – you can read that HERE – and I’ll be doing a more in-depth review of individual products very soon. I’m sure that this offer will still be running after I post my reviews, but for those of you who want to test some out now I have procured a 15% discount code for Beauty Expert. There seem to be millions of codes floating about for online shopping recently, so please do post any you find in the comments – it all helps!

The 15% code is LOVELY and runs until tomorrow night at midnight – the Alpha-H offer page is here:


  1. bought 7 piece everday miracles set for £35.75 from beauty expert – delivery w/i a week. So far am thinking it’s working – loving the exfoliation (yes its possible I have skin like leather!!!), but at my age (have been 36 for a couple of years now) and have oily combination skin which occasionally breaks out, the 1st signs of ageing are starting to show. Skin feels smoother already and perhaps skin tone is better but am going to be patient and stick with it. Bit complicated though, need to keep reading the page of instructions which are WHOLE PAGE LONG!!!

  2. Do you know if they mail to the states? I keep getting an error message and I wonder if my address is throwing it off.

  3. Mine is shipped now, waiting in anticipation!

  4. Argh ordered this nearly a month ago and it still isn’t here!! :(

  5. is offering 20% off of Alpha-H products + free interntional shipping at the moment. I just placed an order for 2 different kits!

  6. Hi Ruth,

    You might have already heard about this website, but I thought I might let you know anyway, just in case! It’s called StrawberryNet and they sell everything from skincare to hair care, fragrances and makeup. Most of their products are cheaper than what I’ve seen on some of the websites even you know about and delivery is also free worldwide! They have such a wide range of products and once you order from them you can start accruing loyalty points to get discounts on top of discounts with every order. Their loyalty programme is wonderful!

    It’s a great website to compare prices and they package your orders with lovely different wrapping and ribbons as well.

    Hope this helps

    Mel xx

  7. In case anyone tried the code and it didn’t work you can try to contact Beauty Expert and they may refund the difference/discount- it worked for me!

  8. I used all capitals and no vc- before it and it worked. LOVELY. Like this.

  9. Thank you for highlighting this offer. I’ve just ordered. I have wanted to try Alpha- H for a while but my skin can be very picky so was put off investing in the full size products. This is a great way to try it with the generous travel sizes.

  10. LOVELY no longer works boohoo

  11. Hey Ruth!
    I just tried to enter LOVELY into the promo code, but it doesnt work :(
    can you try if it world please?

  12. Sorry to add to my previous post that the code no longer works, you can use tesco club card points!

  13. It’s still a great offer, but the code doesn’t appear to work anymore.

  14. The code isn’t working for me :( even when I use VC- before it! What am I doing wrong?


  15. Wow! What a great offer! Has anyone had trouble getting the extra 15% off? Whenever i write ‘lovely’ into the promo code box (even as VC-lovely) it doesnt seem to accept it- “The promotion code you entered is invalid or not applicable to the contents of your basket.” keeps coming up! I know it not exactly a whole lot off considering that its already sych good value but I can’t help but want to get it at even better value!

  16. Oh yes! Whoops! I just ordered Liquid Gold to use in conjunction with White Gold. It keeps going out of stock! And you should take the chance to use the £5 off to stock up on the cleanser! (P.S It only takes £5 off every order.. so if you want to REALLY save, keep ordering and keep typing in the code.)

    HQHair’s amazingly efficient!!!

  17. To make it even more of an amazing deal just enter LOVELY into the voucher code field and you get an additional 20% off. I just did it it works. Yayyyy! Thanks for the great tip Ruth!

  18. I was so made up with this set that I have ordered another one and also ordered the Alpha H 4 piece Fresh Start Collection set (this includes the full size 15ml Absolute Eye Complex, 50ml Liquid Gold, 50ml Balancing Cleanser and 15ml Essential Hydration Cream) The rrp is £65.50 for ……£25 (so a saving of over £40) and the eye cream alone is worth over £34. I know that I will have to wait up to a month this time for these items but the saving I am making and how great these products are I don’t mind (I have a stash of Alpha H anyway’s but thought I had better stock up as I can’t see these offers being available in a few months?) So with these 2 items ordered now I have enough Alpha H (with what i have also) to last me at least 8-9 months at a fraction of the price. Plus once again (like a few weeks ago) I used the 15% off code LOVELY so got an extra £9 off my order. So instead of it being £60.75 it came to £51.64 plus free P&P and will get over £173 worth of the brilliant Alpha H for £51.64.
    So snap it up everyone as this is a great deal and believe me it will be worth the up to a month wait for the items to arrive.
    Sorry to talk for England but one thing I must say is If you have under the skin pimples from acne from years ago or just uneven skin Alpha H will sort it out for you (well it has for me). I had under the skin pimples from when i had spots when i was younger and Alpha H has practically sorted that problem out for me and I have only been back to using it for about a month (I use to use it about 1-2 years ago then for some reason i stopped? Stupid me! Lol). I now have an almost smooth chin. Give it a few more weeks and my chin will be blemish and under skin spot free! I am soooo happy. Try Alpha H you won’t be disappointed. But this time I will not stop using Alpha H (altho i might give it a break for maybe a few weeks every few months as they say a change is as good as a rest! Lol! Sorry again for jabbering away so much it’s just I love Alpha H with a passion as my skin is glowing now also.

    Natasha xxx

  19. Guys, you can order that from HQHair, and they’ve got an amazing 5 quid off every order!!! xxx

  20. I just read that 2, will be delivered within a month! Bit extreme!

  21. I just bought some Alpha-H today! There are some great deals on QVC at the moment, I think I paid for £35 for a nice selection of products. x

  22. Amazing offer. I just checked it out & delivery is expected within a month.

    Just thought I would give people the heads up if they were thinking of ordering & wanted the products quickly xxx