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Moneybags Monday: Jenny Packham's Nighty

I want this, but it’s the same price as a holiday. Not that that usually stops me – if it’s something I can get a lot of wear out of – but this is highly impractical. Can I wear it to the shops? No. Can I wear it swanning about the house? No – I’ll inevitably spatter bean-juice down it or tread on the bottom and rip it. I’ll brush my teeth and some of the flying paste-droplets (they spray everywhere, don’t they?) will land on it and stain it forever. I’ll sharpen an eyeliner and one of the blasted shavings will land black-wax-side down on the skirt.

No, it’s an impossibility even at a tenth of the price – I can’t even sleep in it as it will trap my legs and irritate me, it’ll end up around my neck in a huge bunch and I’ll think that someone is trying to suffocate me. C’est pas possible. In my head, I’m swanning about in a hotel suite at the Dorchester, ordering butlers to prepare my Balenciaga dress for the evening’s events; I’m holding a martini delicately in one hand and a fan in the other. (A paper fan, not one of those big industrial metal ones.) My Jenny Packham lace-trimmed slip is shimmying about my person perfectly and pooling in a puddle of silk at my feet – a gentle breeze ripples the curtains as Brad, George and perhaps Davy B (so long as he keeps quiet) are preparing my bath….

Jenny Packham Silk-Satin Chemise, £595 from Net-a-Porterhttp://tinyurl.com/3dozclr


  1. I love the idea of wearing a night dress like this, and my boyfriend thinking as I climb into bed “wow look at my amazing girlf looking beautiful with no make up on and this sexy nightdress”. In reality Im wearing a baggy old tshirt and jogging bottoms so my fake tan doesnt stain the bed sheets and I have a shiny face from my serum etc and greasy hair from my overnight conditioner!!

    I actually have a lovely Vicky Secrets one that I bought last year, maybe I should start making the effort? This one is amazing but I agree that the price is too much, but then if you want a high quality chemise they usually are this expensive!!

    Love the blog as always xxx

  2. “A paper fan, not one of those big industrial metal ones”. In pretty much every post I find a sentence that really just delights me – that’s my pick for this one :)

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