Rituals ‘Under a Fig Tree’ Fragrance Diffuser

Rituals 'Under a Fig Tree' Fragrance Diffuser

You may not be able to tell from the picture above, but the cardboard tube containing the Rituals ‘Under a Fig Tree’ Fragrance Diffuser has approximately the same dimensions as a missile launcher. It’s huge. If I was stood in the picture I’d be resting my elbow on the lid.

I exaggerate, of course, but what I’m trying to convey to you all is that this is one huge Jar o’ Twigs. I’ve got really into my reed diffusers this year – I recently wrote about a very expensive one from Cochane, (which many of you misread as ‘Cocaine’, worryingly) and at Christmas I featured a Christmas Tree-flavoured diffuser. That one is still going, actually – there’s about a centimetre of scent left in the beautiful little bottle.

Anyway, this one by Rituals is, in my opinion, very good value for money indeed. You get a whopping 230ml of scent and a handful of long twigs to stick into it, and the bottle comes with a nice little wooden ‘collar’ that keeps the sticks upright and also makes the bottle look pretty. The scent does appear to be disappearing at a slightly faster rate than it has done with the more expensive Jar o’ Twigs that I have, but then it’s a fraction of the price – so, swings and roundabouts people!

The ‘Under a Fig Tree’ fragrance is lovely – I like figgy scents, even if they have been done to death over the recent decade. My bedroom smells lovely – not too sickly sweet, not too ‘heady’, just perfect.

The price for this particular Stick-and-Scent set? £19.90! Body Shop’s version is £15 for half the quantity, just to give you a price-per-ml comparison. Top marks for Rituals – stylish and affordable. For more details and other Rituals products, have a look HERE.


  1. I’m considering buying this. At my student flat I’m not allowed to light any candles and what not so this is a great alternative!

  2. This sounds great? I am really into candles and have loads of Yankee candles, some Jo Malone and DeeLights candles but have just brought a couple of cheap reed diffusers in jasmine and lavender and find them quite nice especially the lavender in the bedroom. I think i will check these out also! I love my house smelling yummy as soon as I walk in and then go into another room and smell a different fragrance it makes the house smell so welcoming I think and relaxing! Natasha xxx

  3. I’m looking for a nice scent for the house. But I am considering something a little more verbena like, I’m not sure. I only have that wonderful pink yankee candle in my living room at the moment, but it doesn’t reach the entire apartment I’m afraid!

    Always a pleasure to read!

  4. Yasmin Selena Butt

    I am a *huge* fan of Ritual’s diffusers! Huge fan with bells on honestly. I went past the store in Westfield and my senses did a u-turn and I had no choice but to follow my nose!

    I’ve tried several other brands but totally agree with you, they’re excellent value for money. I’ve got Jasmine Dream in my bedroom at the moment. My first ever was Sweet Sunrise. It was toughing choosing just the one!

    I waited until January to open it and it’s still going, which is really cool. It depends on how frequently you turn the reeds upside down and the warmth in your room I think? x x

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