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Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors

After my little post on hair removal last month (or was it the month before) I set about trying out a few new things. The first was an epilator, but more on that in a separate post because I need to work up the courage to give it a second try! The second thing was going to be a wax, but then I changed my mind (ie, chickened out) and decided to test throwaway razors instead! What a cop out!

I know that I will probably burn in hell for even owning a pack of disposable razors – they’re not particularly environmentally friendly, after all. It’s a lot of plastic, a lot of unnecessary waste. However, I wanted to have a little test of a few to see whether they had advanced at all since 1998, which was the last time I used one. It was a BIC and I sliced open my ankle.

Pleased to say that the Gillette Venus ‘Oceana’ is a sturdy little thing with an excellent rubber handle that almost sticks to your skin! No more slippery, possibly life-threatening razor chases around the shower cubicle! However, the head of the razor is exactly the same as the blades on my normal, refillable razor and so I have to admit that I’m at a slight loss why you would buy the disposable version! Surely easier just to buy the razor heads and swap them over, keeping the same handle?

Answers on a postcard, please people: what is the advantage of a disposable razor over the refillable? Have I missed an important trick? Do let me know!

A pack of three Venus Oceana razors cost £5.99 from Boots HERE.


  1. I’ve heard waxing brings out veins in legs (my mother waxed herself for years and she does have a lot of veins). As far as using disposable razors, it’s more economical here in the states. To buy 5 new blades is about $15 here, when the original razor with 2 blades is $10. Plus, razors tend to get film on them, and even rust a little when left in the shower which is something you won’t get with the disposables. So in short disposable razors are cheaper and cleaner.

    The real question in my mind, is why are there only 2 razors for females on the market, and an infinite amount for men? Men shave their face, and women shave their entire bodies. Who should really have more options? And better ones at that!

  2. The sugar/lemon juice sounds like a lot of work and potential burning when a small wax warmer and cans of (glorious-smelling) wax are so inexpensive.

  3. I use disposible razors as they are better for my skin, I get really bad shaving rashes and bumps and I was told it was better for my skin to change them more often, and these are cheaper!!!
    (Also I can get them in like over 6 colours woo!)
    martha XX

  4. I hope I’m not the only one who chooses a razor based on pretty handle colour…

  5. Alexa, both. You can buy or you can do it at home. They say the recipe is 1 unit of sugar, 1/4 of water and 1/4 of lemon juice. Put it all together in a saucepan and wait until it starts getting brown (but never boil!).
    I never tried, though… they say it might take a while until you master the correct amount to mix ingredients and heating. And that it’s easier to remove the wax using cotton strips.

  6. I tried the venus disposables when i had run outta the refillable ones and didn’t have enough to get the more! (yes i am a student!) I didn’t find them to be as good, and i have to agree with you on the environment front.

    This sugar and lemon wax some of you are talking about, can you get it in the shops? Or is it something you have made yourself?

    thanks x

  7. Ha! I had the hygiene wobble about the handle, but then, cast my eye round the bathroom and realised I should remove toothbrush, soap, scrubby mesh thing, cotton wool, shampoos, conditioners, masks, sterilise everything on every use and retreat to my oxygen tent in between x

  8. I have found its more affordable to buy a new gilette razor (in which you usually get 3 razor heads) over buying the razorheads alone, they can be quite expensive sometimes.

  9. Last time i used Veet I broke out in rashes all over my body! Now I use that Wilkinson one with the bikini trimmer on it (FYI that part is really crap). I always wondered about sugar waxing…

  10. I can’t use wax or an epilator because my hair grows in like crazy if I do, it doesn’t matter how much I peel and moisturize or what kind of wax or sugar-past I use.
    Using a razor is the safest, quickest and only non-irritating hair removal method for my ultra-sensitive skin. I shave for about 15years no, and can honestly say that it’s a total myth that shaving reinforces hair, just like cutting hair doesn’t make it really thicker.

    I always keep disposable razors for holidays because the weigh nothing compared to “classic” razors

  11. I use very, very cheap razors. 12 or 13 in a bag for 3.99 US. I like it much better because I can use it a few times and then get a fresh one for much cheaper. also, the ones that I get only have 2 or 3 blades. My dermatologist told me that 4 or 5 bladed razors encourage ingrown hairs (which I am ridiculously prone to). also, i just throw the old razors in my recycle bin, not the plain old trash can. The thought of epilating or waxing makes my eyes tear up!!

  12. I use disposable, but I’m not sure why. I can never find the right heads to my handle or remember what I have, so I always just get disposable. I guess it’s just easier. Not a big fan of wax… Would rather shave for sure. I don’t feel like shaving makes my hair more coarse…it’s a myth anyways. People think your hair becomes more coarse because your razor cuts the hair at an angle, sometimes giving the perception of more coarse hair to people… But it doesn’t acutally increase how thick your hair on your legs grow. Yeah, that was a long comment. :)

  13. Hi Ruth, so you don’t find shaving makes the hair more coarse?

    I’m not that hairy either and try every now and again unsuccessfully to wax part of my legs but because I’m not that hairy it doesn’t work that well….should probably go back to shaving full time!

  14. I just think the disposables are a con. You think “Twelve quid for three razor blades I can buy three disposables for a fiver.” But you never tot up just how much that costs over the year. I don’t see the point of disposables too – so bad for the environment.

    As for waxing, the hassle of ingrown hairs made me stop, along with the last week of waiting for them to be long again to wax but in the meantime, you’ve got stubble. It´s just quicker thirty seconds in the shower with a razor.

    How does a cream last a couple of weeks? Veet and the like barely last a couple of days on me!

  15. I buy disposable razor because they are the least expensive compare to refillabe razor. I have a habit to look for the cheapest when i’m buying razors and i never thought there’s much difference between disposable and refillable. If my legs are smooth and hair-free, i’m good.

    When you are on a budget, disposable razor are good.
    But i never thought it was a waste of plastic, i should consider refillable.

  16. Ruth, if you want to try waxing, even if only for a review here, don’t be scared. It shouldn’t hurt you much, you have few and thin hair…
    Without many deatils (lol), I do my own at home and thinking about pain is not even an option! In my opinion it hurts much less than the epilator (I get all red until next depilation :O )

    They say the mixture of sugar and lemon that Lori refered hurts even less than wax because it only sticks to the hair and not to the skin. I’m still a little bit skeptical about that mixture, not sure if it would work for me after all the trouble to “cook” it.

  17. I always use a refillable razor too. The thought of letting my hair grow to the length required to wax puts me off almost as much as the pain!

  18. @Lori, lots of girls like razors for reasons as personal as yours surely are about lemon and sugar waxing, so each to their own eh? I bought a pack of these on holiday recently when (a) I was travelling easy jet and couldn’t get razor blades through security and (b) had forgotten my handle anyway and didn’t need another one to add to the THREE I’d got at home. They are indeed no different to the normal ones but agree that environmentally, it’s a shocker and it takes a very odd set of circumstances to make buying them a serious consideration.

  19. I noticed a big difference between the refillable and the disposable (I tried the venus embrace). The refillable were truly better!
    (I hope I’m not confusing the two words, by refillable I mean the one you only change the lame).
    Again, sorry for my poor English :/

  20. no im totally with your on the waste of plastic! and lucky lucky you! i have thick hair which means thick hair EVERYWHERE, shaving my legs takes forever and if anything other than waxing is used on my bikini line, MAN do i know about it in the form of massive ingrown hairs- not fun!

  21. I use hair-removal creme – I have super sensitive skin and was scared at first, but it’s never given me any issues and the results last for 2-3 weeks – and that with no pain involved, who could ask for more!

    I’m not really sure why anyone would chose disposable razors over the razorheads – maybe people that use them in the shower find them more hygenic then keeping the same handle around for ages? Not sure really.

  22. well I0m not that hairy too, but razors should reinforce hair… you should really consider sugar wax…

    • @Lori that’s great if that works for you, but I don’t find that my hair are any more coarse or thicker from shaving. Might be different for others though!

  23. As I told you via twitter nobody should use razor. The best way to wax is preparing a paste with lemon and sugar. Safe, soft, practical, perfect.
    ciao from Italy

    • It wouldn’t be worth it for me, I don’t get much hair. That’s why I use razors – fuss-free. The waxing would take me about fifty times longer, I can shave my fuzzy legs in thirty seconds flat! I wrote all about it on here somewhere… X