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More Razors…

Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors

After my little post on hair removal last month (or was it the month before) I set about trying out a few new things. The first was an epilator, but more on that in a separate post because I need to work up the courage to give it a second try! The second thing was going to be a wax, but then I changed my mind (ie, chickened out) and decided to test throwaway razors instead! What a cop out!

I know that I will probably burn in hell for even owning a pack of disposable razors – they’re not particularly environmentally friendly, after all. It’s a lot of plastic, a lot of unnecessary waste. However, I wanted to have a little test of a few to see whether they had advanced at all since 1998, which was the last time I used one. It was a BIC and I sliced open my ankle.

Pleased to say that the Gillette Venus ‘Oceana’ is a sturdy little thing with an excellent rubber handle that almost sticks to your skin! No more slippery, possibly life-threatening razor chases around the shower cubicle! However, the head of the razor is exactly the same as the blades on my normal, refillable razor and so I have to admit that I’m at a slight loss why you would buy the disposable version! Surely easier just to buy the razor heads and swap them over, keeping the same handle?

Answers on a postcard, please people: what is the advantage of a disposable razor over the refillable? Have I missed an important trick? Do let me know!

A pack of three Venus Oceana razors cost £5.99 from Boots HERE.


  1. I’ve heard waxing brings out veins in legs (my mother waxed herself for years and she does have a lot of veins). As far as using disposable razors, it’s more economical here in the states. To buy 5 new blades is about $15 here, when the original razor with 2 blades is $10. Plus, razors tend to get film on them, and even rust a little when left in the shower which is something you won’t get with the disposables. So in short disposable razors are cheaper and cleaner.

    The real question in my mind, is why are there only 2 razors for females on the market, and an infinite amount for men? Men shave their face, and women shave their entire bodies. Who should really have more options? And better ones at that!

  2. The sugar/lemon juice sounds like a lot of work and potential burning when a small wax warmer and cans of (glorious-smelling) wax are so inexpensive.

  3. I use disposible razors as they are better for my skin, I get really bad shaving rashes and bumps and I was told it was better for my skin to change them more often, and these are cheaper!!!
    (Also I can get them in like over 6 colours woo!)
    martha XX

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