Outfit of the Day from Last Week

Ruth Crilly A Model RecommendsThis is my “outfit of the day from last week” – I haven’t done one of these little posts in ages, and I was, for once, not wearing my pyjama or tracksuit bottoms, so I thought I’d record the momentous event for posterity.

Ruth Crilly A Model RecommendsSo here you have me in two different (very striking, haha!) poses. I’m standing in the utility room of my husband’s ‘lair’ which is why the light-switch is so manky looking. To the far left of the second picture you can see a bottle of Flash bleach!

Anyway… I am wearing:

A Whistles Esther Skirt (which was £100 and something last winter but I have seen in the Selfridges sale for £65! HERE)

A Topshop Cotton Tee, they still have these – £10

A Whistles Cardigan/Jacket which I got for £55 in the last sales, I do not recommend this as threads pull out of it if you just even look at them. Nice shape, but it’s truly rubbish.

Sandals from Kurt Geiger last summer. These are rubbish too – the back strap falls down all the time. Probably because I’ve worn them so much!

Mulberry Tilly Tote in Sparkle Tweed Leather. Mmmm.

What started off as a very successful outfit soon turned into a nightmare. No sooner had I emerged from the tube at Oxford Circus than my sandals started playing up. Bending down to fix them I managed to flash my knickers at the man in the Chinese food stall and then my bag swung off my arm and clonked me in the face, pulling about a trillion threads from the sleeve of my uselessly-made Whistles cardy in the process!

No doubt I will wear this exact outfit again, though, because I’m a total glutton for punishment.


  1. Ruth you are so gorgeous!
    Love the outfit, very casual-chic.

  2. At least the guy on the Chinese food stall was happy! Lovely outfit, Ruth. Why do we stick with clothes that are so troublesome? I have a top where the straps are forever coming down and I wear it time and time again because I love it so

  3. Thank you! That’s funny that you happened to be wearing the Becca tinted moisturizer– I just ordered it online yesterday! Can’t wait to try it out.

  4. Cute outfit! Very chic :-)

  5. Have you tried the gel sticker type thingys? (I work in a shoe shop and have no idea what they are actually called!) The slingback ones would work really well, similar to the gel footbeds for heels material you stick the strip of gel to the slingback and it helps stop rubbing and slipping. I use them all the time!
    Try amazon for them maybe.

  6. hahaha! funny story :) I like your cardigan, it looks really expensive on pictures and the sandals I thought they were from K Jacques St Tropez :)
    Lovely outfit overall :) Did you manage to snap that Equipment shirt from Selfridges that we were talking about in the other post? :) xx

  7. Don’t know if you will remember, but what makeup were you wearing on your face? You look bronzed, glowing, and very even and healthy!

  8. That sounded awful. Totally know that “handbag to the face” happening. At least you look amaaaazing!

  9. Please pretty please do more out fits of the day! :P I wish to be a stylist in the future and my obsession is models of duty looks ; )

  10. Many thanks Ruth,,, Ria x

  11. Love Mulberry Sparkly Tweediness! Mmmm!

  12. Maybe you should have the offending back strap removed, if that’s possible. Looks like it should be – then bag-in-the-face shouldn’t happen. Won’t save you from bag-knocks-stuff-off-rail/box/catches in door handle ‘tho x

  13. Hahaha, the bag banging you in the face sounds remarkably familiar… I forgot how many times it happened to me – probably because I lose so many brain cells whenever it hits my head!

  14. Hay Ruth,, this is nothing to do with your out fit, even though it is very nice love the bag. I have just watched your eye cream video again,,,, i am 49yrs young i dont have any deep lines around my eyes, well only when i smile, but i am getting a lot more fine lines,what eye cream would you recomend for my age of skin,,, thanks for all your tips and tricks love it,,,, need a new video im going into shock waiting for one,,, awaiting your reply thanks, Ria xx

    • @Ria the StriVectin eye cream is AMAZING! I’m going to be doing a video on it! You can have a look here: http://tinyurl.com/eyestrivectin It’s £49 but you get a whopping 30ml, twice as much as a normal eye cream. So actually, like-for-like, it’s £24.50 which I think isn’t bad at all. xx

  15. HAHAHAHA. that’s a truly funny ending!

  16. sorry to hear about wardrobe malfunction. you totally look the part, though.

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