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Good news, bad news and the death of The Forum.

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ARGH!! This was my face today (minus the boxing-glove border) when I found out that A Model Recommends had crashed. Unfortunately, there’s a possibility that it had something to do with the set-up of The Forum and so The Forum had to be put to death. I am going to try my extreme hardest to resurrect it in a different form, but I do hope you understand that I can’t have anything going on that presents a potential risk to the site. There’s just too much work that goes into it every day for it not to run smoothly and properly!

A Model Recommends receives in excess of 20,000 pageviews a day now (sometimes lots more) and I think that this also may have had something to do with the crash, so I will be taking every step to ensure that this doesn’t happen again – my apologies to anyone who couldn’t access the site for some of today. Please keep hold of your login information for The Forum – when it’s reinstated in its new body, you’ll be able to log straight back in.

I’m now going to go and pour myself a HUGE glass of red wine. I almost had about three heart-attacks today and have spent six hours straight staring at this screen! Normal service will be resumed tomorrow – and there’s a new video!



  1. Sugar and Spice

    Sorry to hear that sweety! I hope you’re fine now. :)

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