Friday Flash Review: Clarins Crystal Lip Balm

Clarins Crystal Lip Balm

This week’s Friday Flash Review is brought to you from Sicksville, Nausea City.

“OK, I’m going to let you into a little secret. Something that I’ve done that was all rather silly but couldn’t be helped. I mean literally couldn’t be helped. If someone had put me in a strangle-hold and told me not to do it, the silly thing, I’d have still raised that Clarins Crystal Lip Balm to my lips and taken a bite.

It just tastes so bloody irresistible! I challenge you to try a sample at the Clarins counter and not want to eat it. Some evil developer at Clarins HQ has purposefully made this lip balm with eating in mind – but then forgotten to actually make it edible. Hence the slight tummy ache.

(Yes, I swallowed it! What would be the point of me researching things for you if I didn’t do it properly?)

The one I ate was the orange one – centre stage – which is just as juicy and orangey as an Orange Maid ice-lolly. I suppose you’d like to know how it fares as a cosmetic? Very well thank-you! The part not in my tummy is on my lips, and although the coral colour is very, very subtle the texture of the balm is soft and smoothing. And orangey… Going in for seconds, please do excuse me!”

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm in ‘Crystal Coral’, £13.20 with free worldwide delivery from FeelUnique here:








  1. This very informative post made me laugh out loud…. Thank you! X

  2. that literally made me LOL! you ate it?! lol i’ve tried it at the clarins counter before and i loved it but i just wasnt sure if i should buy it because it was 15 pounds for a tinted lip blam and i recently discovered burts bees which i am in love with btw! but you make it sound so tempting i think i wont be able to resist next time im near a clarins counter and will probably snap up atleast one of them! xx

  3. OMG! It reminds me of the time I drank The Bodyshop’s Apple shampoo because it smelt so divine…bad tummy cramps ensued…

  4. alright, I caved in and ordered them… I wasn’t going to purchase any cosmetics I didn’t need for a while (I have too much and I don’t like having stuff I don’t use!) but come on… THEY’RE TRANSPARENT… HOW CAN I RESIST?????

  5. @Natasha The washing up liquid smelled like woodland strawberries! But it tasted like… eugh! Like the devil! Really really really bad. The worst thing I’ve ever eaten. Haha! But I HAD to. I really did. It looked too delicious!

    It is a relief to see I’m not the only one <_<

  6. Sugar and Spice

    It’s pretty nifty but expensive! Nonetheless, I love the post. I love staring at colorful make-up! :)

  7. Could you do a review of Clarins facial oils? I’m becoming obsessed with oils in general and have heard wonderful things about Clarins, would love to hear your take on them! x

  8. Sarah - Style Souk

    You do make me laugh, lady…

    I’ve never tried (or should that be, eaten?) anything from this brand before.

    These balms look so beautiful for summer, it might just be time to lose my Clarins virginity. ;0)

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Sarah x

  9. That’s so funny, Ruth!! I just received my Treat Soft Candy Lip Balm (pink buttercream… YUM!) and it smells so delicious that I was seriously tempted to take a bite… :) The Clairins Balms look luxurious (and tasty as well ;)) — can’t wait to try them! Thanks for the recommendation and warning! x

  10. I want the red one but am slightly afraid to buy it — I don’t know how long it would last on my lips with the constant licking! I’m terrible when it comes to a good-tasting lip product. I can never actually leave it alone on my lips.

  11. Clarins lip things usually smell like white chocolate.. I think they are lovely. Far yummier than estee lauder’s ‘fig’ scent, which I have just experienced for the first time and found so disgusting I actually threw a new 22 euro lippy in the bin!!

  12. No, you didn’t! O.O

  13. Damn, I was just trying to find a fancy new balm today but didn’t make it to the Clarins counter. I suppose I’ll just have to go shopping again! Shame…

  14. Very funny, I have a friend who ate a bar of soap too, because she said it looked like a strawberry – when I asked her how old she was at the time, she told me that it was only a few months ago!

  15. OMG! that just totally made my day! thanks for making mw giggle after a really crappy week xx

  16. LMAO Sylvia and Tora! May i ask? What did the white chocolate soap taste like??? Plus Tora washing up liquid?? Which one was it BTW? You have both made me giggle away both of you! Thank You! Lol! xxx

  17. Lol Ruth you nutter and there i was thinking you thought i was bonkers??? Are you trying to be a mini me????? LMAO!
    This sounds brilliant but I am going to try to abstain (notice i say try! Lol)

    OOOoooohhh BTW I got my glossybox today! Woooooohoooo it is brilliant! The products come to well over £75! One of them infact is worth…..£49! Yup that is not a typo error! Have you got yours yet???? xxx

  18. I love love love these, Like SKIN DEEP I’m obsessed with the one that I have, being a lipgloss girl I love the drama of applying this “lipgloss” in disguise. And yep they do smell almost edible, I said almost!

    Again another post to highlight the reason why I gave up my credit card. Restraint, it’s so fricken hard when you keep posting all these good value desirable treats.

  19. lool I imagine your lip balm missing a chunk ;) they do look yummy

    I ate toothpaste when I was in kindergarten and made the whole class do the same :))

  20. I was planning on saving some money, but uh my gosh! These are irresistible! I’ve decided to get all 3 haha Great post Ruth!

  21. HAHA! You are amazing. I once ate some washing up liquid, because it looked so delicious. Wish I could say it was ages ago, but no, more like six months :<

    They doo look irresistable though. So beautiful!

  22. Shhh, that’s not bad. When I was five I ate an entire bar of white chocolate soap.

  23. These are amazing- I’ve been loving mine. Love the lollypop transparency, love the texture on lips- obsessed! Everyone should buy all 3!

  24. Mmmm those sounds delicious! Although I think I’ll keep them on my lips! LOL