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My new Belstaff Trailmaster Jacket

Belstaff Trialmaster JacketA few weeks ago I went to the Belstaff sample sale and picked myself up a couple of bargains! Firstly, a skirt, but I’ll tell you about that when I’ve managed to actually get the blasted thing over my hips. (Yes, one of those optimistic purchases!) The real gem, though, is this Trailmaster jacket – I absolutely love it! It makes me feel strangely powerful when I put it on, like I’m about to go and drive a tank or something, but I think that might be because it has so many jangly bits of metal on it!

These jackets usually sell for £389 I think, so I was rather pleased that I paid £180. I was looking for a jacket that I could wear on cooler summer days – something non-leathery and non-sweat-inducing, and was thinking that I would go for a Barbour, but when I saw this I instantly liked it!

If you want to keep in the loop with sample sales (I go to a few every year, but only for brands I really love) then you can register at Fashion Confidential and they send you updates and alerts. Many sample sales are just rooms full of tat that nobody wants, but now and then you can find real gems. I got my Jenny Packham wedding dress at her sample sale -for £190, reduced from a couple of thousand!

One bad, bad thing about the jacket though: I stupidly wore it when I was carrying my Mulberry Tilly (pale sparkle tweed leather!) and the dye rubbed off onto the bag. Boooo. I’m finding it hard to forgive Trailmaster and have therefore shut him in the coat cupboard until he has learned how to behave himself. The big bully!

My new Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket

(Jacket has been “styled” – in the loosest possible sense of the word – with black skinny jeans and my Timberland Earth Keepers. I did have a top on beneath the jacket, I’m not a flasher, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was!)

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  1. Oooooohhhh I love that jacket it looks great on! Well if Mr Trailmaster decides that he can’t behave himself I will certainly do you a favour and train him for you (because I am such a lovely person) and teach him to be a good Mr Trailmaster jacket! But it might take quite a lot of training (just to make you aware! Lol) xxx

  2. Hey like the jacket:P was this taken at home: ) i wanted to suggest this site called Chic n Seek,if your into the whole second hand designer clothes you could try http://www.chicandseek.com i bought my Chanel watch from there but i wouldn’t recommend buying a watch from them because my watch keeps changing the time itself but other then that its pretty cool store/house:) Also would you ever consider going platinum blonde ?? ; )

    • @Jeyda thanks! I’ll check it out. I very rarely buy secondhand because I’m useless at trawling through! I have been platinum blonde before and it was a NIGHTMARE so I wouldn’t do it unless it was for a major campaign and I was getting a huge amount of money! x

  3. i really like your jacket! And i must say i felt really bad for your bag :,( i just hate when this happens… been there few times :((( Anyways :) I must sign for those alerts.. it sounds great :) Thank you Ruth xx

    You’re so lucky to find a wedding dress for this price!!! :)

  4. have you ever had any work done

    • @Anonymous no – I’m not quite ‘anti’ but unless it was a medical necessity or something was properly affecting my quality of life, it’s not something that I’d ever consider! x

  5. You mentioned your wedding gown – any chance we could see it? :-)

  6. Looking cool Crilly- shame about the Mulberry

  7. Love the jacket and what a bargain at the Jenny Packham sample sale! Would you be inclined to post a pic of it? Her dresses are gorgeous!

  8. You could so be the female lead in ‘Spooks’ in this jacket (I think they do actually wear Belstaff!)

  9. Sorry this is a bit off topic but could you please do a product review and comparison between Dior nude glow and Oskia get up and glow products please? I would like to purchase 1 of them but confuse which one to choose? Thanks so much for your help!!! xxx

  10. love it!! but now we now why it was on sale. it’s a big bully! ;)

  11. how do you find the time to respond to everyone its so sweet :P

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  13. Those lovely twinkly Timberlands you are wearing – when did you get them? Where did you get them? I would like them!

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