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Scott's "So Easy" Porridge Oats

Scott's "So Easy" Porridge OatsI have recently made a quite frankly lifechanging discovery. Porridge Oats in a sachet.

Porridge has been one of my breakfasts ‘of choice’ for the past few years, but I had always made it in a saucepan, standing stirring the milk and oats for what seemed like an eternity before it was finally ready. After eating my porridge (which, incidentally, I used to weigh on the scales to make sure I got the right oat/milk ratio before I began heating!) I would have to battle with washing up the pan which would always have a layer of porridge glued to the bottom.

The sachets are heaven. Pre-weighed, and I just pour them into a bowl and top with milk (which I still measure in a measuring jug – saddo!) and stick the whole lot in the microwave! Three minutes and it’s all done. Only a bowl and spoon to wash up and no weighing on the weighing scales! I do add rather a lot of honey – but let’s face it, porridge would be pretty dull on its own!

Porridge is a brilliant breakfast – it fills you up for ages and stops you snacking through the morning, I find. I actually never snack in the morning anyway – even if for some reason I haven’t been able to have breakfast, which is rare, I just plough on til lunch. I never feel hungry when I’ve had my porridge. It’s also supposed to be good for your cholesterol, or something, but I just like it because it’s healthy and it fills you up!

The only problem with these sachets, if I may be so bold to point this out, is that each one only holds 30g of oats. That’s 109 kCal, which is the same as an apple or banana. 109 kCal does not a breakfast make! Milk adds another 100 or so, and the honey (what with my honey appetite!) probably adds another 150, but still – I think you need a little extra in each. It’s OK for kids but not substantial enough for an adult. Two sachets would be a bit too much – somewhere in between would be just right, said baby bear. I have a little extra something with mine usually – a piece of fruit or a yoghurt or whatever is on hand to munch on!

Scott’s So-Easy Porridge Oats are £2.19 for twelve sachets from your local supermarket – I highly recommend for a quick and healthy start to the day!


  1. I love these but totally agree about the portion size, it’s just a little too small! I usually have my porridge with a banana which makes it really filling. x

  2. There is another type of porridge where u pour the oats into the bowl, then measure the milk in the sachet the oats were in! Might be the Oats-So-Simple, not sure, but even less washing up!! I always have a small handful of sultanans with my porridge :-)

  3. I generally have sugar-free muesli, it’s such a faff weighing it. The stated 30g – which does actually fill me up – looks so small I put it in a tiny ramekin and it still only reaches halfway up.
    It looks pitiful.

  4. I am a porridge addict also, the oat-so-simple sachets have a line around the top so you can measure out your milk once you’ve poured out the oats. Even better! No need for measuring jug ;)

  5. I love porridge and I agree it is soooo good for you also especially as I always have mine with a couple of good spoonfuls of Comvita Manuka honey! I absolutely love manuka honey and find it tastes so much better than normal honey ( I even eat at least an extra spoon or 2 throughout the day by itself it is sooo yummy! In fact I think i’m going to have one right now! Lol) xxx

  6. I love porridge in a sachet too, so convenient and I love the pre-made flavours :) Just so tastily prepared for me! I honestly don’t like too much porridge, because I can only have so much that it just turns bland, so I like the amount in each sachet :)

  7. I make my porridge in the microwave, just regular oat and milk…plus some cinnamon and bits of dried fruit or fresh apples. It works very well

  8. You should try the raspberry & cranberry porridge oat sachets from Dorset Cereals- so yummy & the fruit adds enough of a sweetness that you don’t need to add anything else.

  9. OH…I had the same problem with the sauce pan and time. Now I just eat them raw. Too lazy to cook it :x

    And usually with yogurt, as it has less sugar than milk. After that, if I drink a glass of water I feel really full, because the raw oats will absorb it and “grow”.

  10. Sarah - Style Souk

    I adore porridge, too.

    It couldn’t be more heartening on cold winter mornings, though – for something light and fresh during the summer – I prefer to get my oats fix with Sophie Dahl’s bircher muesli.

    You should also try the Quaker Oats ‘Oats So Simple’ sachets. The golden syrup ones are yummy…

    Sarah x


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