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Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer

I’m a big fan of all these ‘no makeup’ makeup formulas that keep coming out – they just seem to keep getting better. Sheerer, more glowy, more natural…

I have been using Murad’s new ‘dewy finish’ skin perfecting primer in place of any tinted moisturiser or foundation and I have had quite a few compliments on my skin! It gives a real radiance but also contains just the slightest hint of colour that evens out minor imperfections and unevenness. Despite it’s dewy finish, it’s not oily whatsoever; it actually makes my skin feel quite matte!

If your skin is pretty good and you want to ditch the heavy base and layers of makeup for the summer then this one is well worth a shot – it also goes a little way in minimising pores and it’s oil-free so great for hot days when you just want something really light on your skin. There’s no SPF built in, so make sure you’ve got that covered in your moisturiser!

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer is £27 with free worldwide delivery from FeelUnique HERE


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  1. That’s interesting. Would you say it’s even better that Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser? I’ve been addicted to Laura Mercier for aaages and just can’t imagine replacing it with anything else..snob me lol

  2. It’s a bit peculiar that it only has one natural ingredient in it … I might stick to my bio rose oil instead for now … but I’m sure it’s good !

    • @Martha which do you think the natural ingredient is? I must do my write-up on chemical vs natural soon – you’d be VERY surprised how many ‘natural’ ingredients aren’t natural at all and how many ingredients perceived to be ‘chemical’ are actually better and more natural than the ones that people generally think are good! xx

  3. Oh please do the write-up soon! i am allways very confused on what to use on my skin and i want to be as healthy and natural as possible but sometimes the natural skincare seems to irritate my skin or does not do the job. Have you tried the Kora organicas by Miranda Kerr yet?

    • @Wiebke no, still haven’t! You have to be careful – just because it says ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ doesn’t mean that a) it is or b) it won’t irritate your skin. Many essential oils used are irritating to sensitive skins! x

  4. Sounds great Ruth! Could you please use it in a video? I’d love to see it. :)

  5. Is this suitable for man?If it is how it works.

    • @piaseee a man could use it, yes, but it depends on the effect you want. It’s dewy finish, so unless you want to look dewy then avoid!

  6. Thanks Ruth! :D

  7. interesting, as far as i know i’ve seen quite a few of these products in asia, primers with a sort of dewy, brightening finish with spf uva and uvb! you should check out lunasol watery makeup base, pricey but soooo worth it.

  8. Hi, how does this compare with Dr. Jart’s Water Fuse BB cream? Thanks for your help!

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