Giant Me on Clapham High Street!

ruth crilly campaign

Many thanks to @Kimanjj on Twitter who spotted me much larger than life on Clapham High Street. Yes, this is me, bashing up a piano with a skirting board. I’d just like to point out that it’s not as easy as it looks, especially whilst balancing on one leg, wearing high heels and pulling a suitable ‘piano bashing’ face.

The enormous billboard (it wraps right around the block) is for a new building that looks like it’s going to be incredible – you can see plans and so on here: along with me looking a little bit like a street urchin! I can’t tell you how glad I am that my fringe and bowl-head layer have grown out…

Just in case you’re interested, here are some shots from the actual shoot – just to prove that not everything is added in digitally in post-production. The plaster dust, white paint and piles of rubble are all very much real!

ruth crilly campaign

ruth crilly campaign

The blurriest pictures in the world for you there!

If you’re passing Clapham High Street and my huge face, then be sure to wave hello!


  1. It’s always good to see the behind the scenes pics too – love it. x

  2. No one bashing a piano ever looked lovlier. ;)

  3. Yes! And you’ll have to get your own super-special stripy outfit too….or you know, not haha

  4. And a Breton top?

  5. Oops, that was me above there – maybe we could have a Where’s Ruth page?

  6. I’m sure I’m going to start seeing you everywhere now Ruth!

  7. haveI also seen you in some shots in the Guardian/observer

  8. Very kl add!! I will keep an eye out for it! I wanted to ask what brand are you heels they are so adorable

  9. i just watched the clip from the link and you just look amazing! like always!

  10. Brilliant! Yay! Must be so weird to see ones own face like that!

    Your legs are so awesome!

  11. Heading down the road later today so I’ll be sure to salute

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