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Be afraid, be so very, very afraid. “My Mum Says”, aka Christine my Mum (see here for some posts she has written for me) has started up a no-holds-barred beauty blog in which she documents her discoveries and disappointments. It’s quite possible that my mother is some kind of genetic freak because she has always looked far, far younger than she really is (she just turned 60 – that’s her above!) but it’s also possible that all of the unguents and lotions that she has slathered on over the years have had a positive effect on her skin. I’d hazard a guess that it’s a combination of both, but I’m very much enjoying reading about her beauty exploits and I’m also learning a huge amount about my mum that I didn’t know before! Joyful – I’m hooked!

Already My Mum Says has been “in floods of tears” at a Spa, regaled her entire educational history and used the phrase “my huge tummy was glowing and so shiny, and so greasy!” so I have no idea what she’ll come out with next. I can’t wait to find out! Pass the link on to mums, sisters, aunts, friends! Here it is: My huge tummy was glowing and so shiny, and so greasy!

Oops, wrong button. Here it is:


  1. Faaantastic! YAY! You two are so sweet and funny and awesome!

    It hurts!

  2. Lol Ruth! Well on one of the comments I really did write a lot (I even apologized in advance! Lol)
    Oooooohhh good someone that can talk as much as me or even more??? YIPPEE!!!!!
    I hope you have warned your mum about me? But there again she has prob seen my comments on here and thinks OMG???? I’m just waiting for your mummy to approve my comments!
    Anyway I have a good excuse for talking …….. I’m a Gemini and an only child (my mum and dad had me and thought OMG no more! LMAO! So it’s no wonder I can talk for England! Lol) Plus when I was younger I wanted to be a journalist xxx

  3. You look beautiful in that photo! :)

  4. OMG! Your mum is so funny! I love her writing style. I love your blog and now I have added your mum to my reader so that I may enjoy a regular dose of humor!

  5. What a brilliant thing to share with you Mother!

    And you both look absolutely stunning in that photograph above – so happy too!

  6. I have subscribed to your mum’s site (how could I not) and replied to a couple of her posts (I apologized in advance to one of them the amount that I wrote! Lol)
    I look forward to reading your mum’s blogs along with yours! Well done to both of you

    Natasha xxx

    • @Natasha oh my GOD. You may have talk-competition in my mum, she can write longer messages than even you! Hahaha… xx

  7. Ooh how fun!

  8. Hahahaha! The whole family is pure genius!

  9. That greasy belly post was hilarious!

  10. I find it so cool that your mom has her own blog!

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