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Soap & Glory Terrific Trio!

breakfast scrub soap glory

I know that Soap & Glory always seem to have a 3-for-2 offer on in Boots, but when I passed through Liverpool Street Station today and saw the promotion running it reminded me of three (coincidentally!) products that I have been using on a very regular basis recently. The first is ‘The Breakfast Scrub’, which is a thick, sticky body exfoliator that smells exactly like maple syrup. I happen to love maple syrup, you may not; regardless, the scrub has a great consistency that doesn’t slip off the skin and plonk straight down onto the shower tray in great big clods! I like it a lot and yesterday it won a big beauty award from Cosmopolitan so I can’t be the only one! It’s £9.45 for 200ml.

Secondly, I have been working my way through a huge bottle of ‘The Righteous Butter’ body lotion. Again, a very distinctive smell that some may find overpowering, but it’s a very good softener and you get a whopping 500ml in the pump-action bottle! Because it’s so easy to use (no lids to take off with greasy hands, no cap to twist or tube to squeeze) it’s seeing a lot of action. Great value at £10 if you’re a Soap & Glory addict! It has sold out online but I saw it instore at Boots today..

the firminator

The third and final product is ‘The Firminator’. Originally plucked from the shelves thanks to its amusing name, I have been massaging this ‘anti-cellulite’ gel in to thighs and bottom for a few months, on and off. As with all anti-cellulite potions, it’s impossible to tell the effectiveness unless you use one and one only over a number of months (years!) but I do think that regular daily massage in problematic areas improves skin tone and circulation. The Firminator is cool and tingly and zingy so great as a morning pick-me-up. It’s a veritable bargain compared to most contouring treatments I use, coming in at just £10.47!

Soap & Glory ‘3 for 2’ offer at Boots – browse the products here: http://tinyurl.com/6jxm765 or at any Boots store.


  1. MMM. Maple syrup! Love Soap & Glory, use their “Hand Food” a lot!

  2. Oh the excitement at the thought of a product smelling like maple syrup! Funny how most things I like beauty wise are somehow related to food…

  3. Got the Firminator after your cellulite posts & its awesome, thanks! Love its pepperminty tinglyness! Got the breakfast scrub a few weeks ago, love it too. Though got it instead of the grapefruity (yummm, though I forget its actual name) that I can’t seem to find anymore. A good replacement though.

  4. mmm I love the body butter and the shower gels! love the smell and it lasts for such a long time that I don’t bother with perfume

  5. I reviewed The Breakfast Scrub on my blog a few days ago. It’s great stuff! Have you tried Sit Tight? It’s the only firming/cellulite cream I’ve found makes a real difference. I’m on my third tube of the stuff.


  6. Hello! I’m looking for a blush that will give me a nice pink/coral flush for summer without shimmer (I don’t want to look like I just came out of Twilight or something..). Do you have any recommendations? (my skin tone is similar to yours)

    • @Cecilia I’m using Topshop Cream Blush at the moment – very nice. Neon Rose looks scary but is actually really great on slightly sunkissed skin! x

  7. Li’l sis to Bliss pedigree, low price point, 3 for 2, and good reviews? Cellulite cream that has a visible effect other than lightening my purse?
    Scrub that I can use with water on without it dropping down the plughole faster than I can rub down with it? I’m off to Boots…

  8. I absolutely adore the Breakfast Scrub but it keep blocking my drains! Smells divine, does it’s job but I can’t bear the mess it leaves so I’ve had to stop using it. Anyone else got this problem or am I just being pedantic?!

  9. Yasmin Selena Butt

    My friend Nerissa is a huge fan of the range and was thrilled with their Xmas promo which saw a huge hamper of product on sale at a massive discount. She put some of the scrub in a pot for me to try and I have to say I’m impressed! It’s *very* edible! x

  10. I adore soap and glory and have been hooked on their products especially when there is an offer. I own this product and am awaiting for my other scrub to finish before i move onto this one but the maple syrup smell is so yummy! I cannot wait to use it now after this review !

    If i have a shower or bath and cannot be bothered to stand up and rub moisuriser all over ( we all get lazy days right ?) , then i use their mist you madly spray which fragrances and moisturises just with a spritz! Also “Hand Food ” is one of my favourite hand creams ! x

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