Camping and Festival Beauty: part 1 of many…

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This is highly topical, what with thousands of utterly barmy people traipsing off to sit in fields covered in mud; some festival and camping recommendations. Recommendation number one would actually be: Hire a Winnebago, but failing that, some beauty advice is the best thing I can do for you. If you are off to Glasto, [...]

Good news, bad news and the death of The Forum.

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ARGH!! This was my face today (minus the boxing-glove border) when I found out that A Model Recommends had crashed. Unfortunately, there’s a possibility that it had something to do with the set-up of The Forum and so The Forum had to be put to death. I am going to try my extreme hardest to [...]

Paul & Joe Blue Horizon Collection

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I have spent the weekend trying to imagine that I’m somewhere far hotter and dryer than I actually am. Spritzing myself with l’Occitane’s ‘Calanques’ fragrance (last year’s but I treasure it as it smells like the beach) and wallowing in a bath that was 80% dead sea salts and 20% water. (Whilst on the subject [...]

Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover

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  I came across this little beauty of a cleanser recently whilst researching products for sensitive skin and then took it away on my camping trip. Oh, sorry? Did I not mention that I went camping? That I. Went camping? Funny that. Must be the trauma – you know, when people block out particularly unpleasant experiences? [...]

Outfit of the Day from Last Week

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This is my “outfit of the day from last week” – I haven’t done one of these little posts in ages, and I was, for once, not wearing my pyjama or tracksuit bottoms, so I thought I’d record the momentous event for posterity. So here you have me in two different (very striking, haha!) poses. [...]

More Razors…

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After my little post on hair removal last month (or was it the month before) I set about trying out a few new things. The first was an epilator, but more on that in a separate post because I need to work up the courage to give it a second try! The second thing was [...]

Rimmel Natural Bronzer

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I have recently rediscovered Rimmel’s natural bronzer in shade 021, “sunlight”. I first bought this on my Honeymoon when I had forgotten to pack a bronzer (duh) and I didn’t want to fork out for an expensive one when I had about ten thousand of them at home. The “sunlight” shade is really nice and [...]

Project Sshhh, AKA Keep Calm and Shop!

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YAY! I have revealed Project Sshhh today; it is none other than top online luxury shopping guide, Keep Calm and Shop! I have been beavering away all on my lonesome, building a website and filling it with lots of lovely ideas for gifts and there’s also a whole section on Beauty Emergencies and things to [...]