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Clarins Clementine – HOT!

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Holy smoking’ Joe this is one hot lipstick! With tanned skin? With an effortless lick of mascara and a slightly defined eye? It’s just unbeatable! Check out my pics from Greece – I did a ‘bright lips’ tutorial video too, so keep a lookout for that! These photos haven’t been tampered with, lighting-wise or in [...]

Jouer Cosmetics UK

Jouer Cosmetics Arrive in the UK

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Jouer Cosmetics have launched at Cult Beauty and I love them. You’ll see them in a video soon, but I thought I’d give you a ‘heads up’ as I have a feeling that this might be one of those brands (like Becca) that frequently goes out of stock due to popular demand! The Luminizing Moisture Tint [...]

Bronze Sequin Fitflops


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I often stop to help people with their prams and cases and so on when I’m in tube stations – usually because nobody else will and I just feel far too sorry for them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no ‘good samaritan’, but I won’t just waltz past somebody who obviously needs help. Sometimes, however, [...]

Mii Cosmetics

Mii Cosmetics

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I have held off writing about Mii Cosmetics for quite a while because I was waiting for them to become available online. I think that this will happen pretty soon, but until then, you can find the products at various salons across the UK. I have tried out lots of bits and pieces from the [...]

Ruth Crilly Manhattan Cosmetics

Manhattan Cosmetics Campaign

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Here’s my latest campaign shot for Manhattan Cosmetics in Germany. (Hello German readers!) I hate to blow my own loudspeaker, but my breasts look mighty impressive in that push-up top! I’d probably get arrested for wearing that in public… Here’s the video for the new campaign, in which you can see me larking about, which [...]

Omorovicza Facial at Urban Retreat

Omorovicza Facial at Urban Retreat

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Omorovicza are doing their amazing facials again at Urban Retreat in Harrods. I went for one the last time around and it was incredible. My face looked and felt as though it had been taken off, given a few weeks’ holiday and then moulded back on. (Sorry for that grotesque imagery – I’m writing this [...]