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Friday Flash Review: Avon Mega Impact Eyeliner

Review: Avon Mega Impact Eyeliner“Hahaha! Just laughing out loud like a lunatic about my choice of photograph – doesn’t tell you much, does it?

This is the new Mega Impact Eyeliner from Avon, all set to replace the wondrous Supershock Gel liner. In fact I have a sneaking suspicion that it has already replaced Supershock, so I do hope you all stocked up on the brilliant bronze shade! So how does the new Mega Impact compare to Supershock I hear you ask? Well.

Firstly, you know that I absolutely adored the Supershock – (read the Supershock praise here) – it was jet, jet black and once it had dried there was no movement. Well, no movement unless your eyelids got all greasy and hot, in which case it did transfer a bit. The Mega Impact is intended, I’m hoping, to be a bigger and better improvement (else why change?) so I expect great things. Here starts the Big Eyeliner Challenge.

I’m just going to test them and you’ll have to trust me – I can’t do any photos today (hence the boring pencil picture!) because of a few hitches at Mission Control. Such is the haphazard way of things when it comes to Friday Flash Review – there are no rules, and that’s the way I like it!


Applying the Mega Impact seems smoother – perhaps the gel pencil itself is slightly softer, but there’s not actually a lot of difference between them. Both glide on beautifully – as well as an eyeliner costing three or four times as much.

After ten seconds, the Supershock can still be smudged about a little. The Mega Impact, it appears, can not.

After a few minutes both are firmly set. It takes quite a bit of pressure to budge them.

After an hour, both have transferred very slightly onto the upper part of the lids. I would say the Supershock more than the Mega Impact (phew, that’s a good job!) but neither are serious transfers and they aren’t immediately noticeable.

Conclusions? I think that Mega Impact hardly differs from the most excellent Supershock. Perhaps it glides on a little more smoothly, perhaps it sticks in place a little more firmly, but overall it’s the same kettle of fish. (NB if you want to stop your eyeliner from transferring, set it with a little bit of eyeshadow in a matching colour. Or a different colour if you’re feeling fruity! You can also minimise movement in the eye makeup department by applying an eye base or natural shadow to the lid before using the eyeliner. I kind of prefer this method!)

Good work Avon – although I think I preferred the old name, I’m glad you haven’t replaced my beloved Supershock with something appalling! The Cobalt Blue shade is also a triumph – I rocked the Kim Wilde look last weekend!

Avon Mega Impact Eyeliner is £4 from Avon HERE

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  1. Thanks for the review – was wondering where the Supershocks had got to on the website! Would you say Mega Impact is just as black as Supershock? It’s the one element I really about not changing – I’ve never found a liner as black as the Supershock and would be sad if Mega Impact doesn’t match it in the pigment stakes.

  2. Good job Ruth, I’ve been looking for the Supershock pencil in the last two (Irish) catalogues, I couldn’t find it so I assumed it was R.I.P. Supershock.

    Glad it’s an improvement and even though the new name is not as snappy, I think it’s good to rename it to eliminate confusion.

    AS I still haven’t forgiven Stila cosmetics for changing the colour of an eyeshadow I use all the time but keeping the old name, it was a completely different colour, very annoying especially as I had got a friend to pick me up two on her hols in USA and I hated the new shade.

  3. I’m always fruity.

  4. Does anyone else have problems with the Avon website stating there are no products?

  5. I’ve been dieing to get the supershock for ages now but i always forget because im not much of an online shopper! but im deff going to try to remember buying the new version! dont you reckon of avon had a counter in some department store they’d have a lot more sales! I surely would be picking up a lot more avon if i could purchase it that way!

  6. This may sounds like a stupid question but the pencil casing seems to be made out of plastic and I don’t see a way to get the pencil to come up – do you just sharpen it like a regular pencil?

  7. I too am having problems figuring out how to sharpen the pencil…

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