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Well Earned Break?

sun rocks santorini

Excuse me if I get a little overexcited here, but this (above) is where I’m off to in the not-so-distant future. (I might even be there right now – it depends when I hit the ‘publish’ button!) Sun Rocks, Santorini, Greece. Only for three days, but still – amazing. I can’t bloody wait! It’s not quite a holiday, because I’m going to do a load of videos that require sunshine and outdoors settings, but I’m sure I’ll manage to squeeze in a few minutes by the pool. Ahem.

I’m going to Sun Rocks which is a Mr & Mrs Smith hotel – I know I bang on about Mr & Mrs Smith quite a lot, but they really are truly and honestly the travel website of my dreams. I book a fair few hotels through them every year and they are always lovely – I also have my BlackSmith card that gets me extra luxurious goodies – I think this time it’s a chilled bottle of champagne on arrival.

Sun Rocks santorini

There are also some brilliant offers on the website – I got one night for free at Sun Rocks, which took the room-rate down to something slightly less bile-inducing. Apparently I have an outdoor jacuzzi and a large veranda waiting for me once I arrive in Santorini, so I shall no doubt send annoying tweets about how marvellous everything is. I’ll be doing a full video review too – I really must start being more vigilant about documenting my travels!

You can see more details on Sun Rocks in Santorini here: http://tinyurl.com/4yherrf

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  1. Jealous is the operative word here.

    Although I will be going on a Cruise in 3 weeks time and one of the stops is Cephalonia in Greece. :)

    Have a lovely time, Ruth!


  2. this looks AMAZING… oh how envious i am of you!!! >_<

  3. It looks stunning, enjoy!

  4. Enjoy your break, the pictures look fabulous, please do a report to make us all jealous, a sort of virtual postcard.

    P.s. maybe do a sunscreen review, ideally want one that doesn’t turn me into casper the friendly ghost / or is so greasy it manages to attract every grain of sand like a magnet to it.

    Thanks and happy holidays to “Mr. & Mrs. A. M. Recommends”

  5. Please do! It’s like being on vacation with Ruth, yay! I think we’d all love that lol!

    I’m off to Turkey in August (it has been raining every day in Denmark in July. EVERY SINGLE DAY.), I better get used to the thought :D

  6. Lucky lady it looks like heaven,enjoy.

  7. Enjoy!

  8. That sounds lovely! Three days in the sun with luxury cannot be sniffed at!

    Quite jealous really, as I’m currently saving for our(my) wedding next year, so no holidays this year… unless you call York and Wales going on holday!

    Would love to see some footage of the place.

    Fee x

  9. aaauughh, lucky!! That looks sooo nice! Don’t get me wrong though, I’m happy for you!

    Have fun and write us all an (e-)postcard, will you?

  10. Ruth I am from Greece and I have visited Santorini twice. I think you’ll have a great time there!!!

  11. I’m so very, very jealous! Hope you have a wonderful time! x

  12. have a great vacation!!!
    greek islands are beautiful!


  13. Lucky you! I had two really bad accidents recently so hopefully I’ll be able to claim for both of them (one accident could leave me permanently disabled) and then I’ll be jetting off somewhere lovely for the first time in my life!

    Never even had a passport let alone FLOWN! *nervous jitter at the thought*

    Two places I’d like to go are Egypt or Greece, their ancient mythology has had me enraptured since a very young age (so I’m partially jealous only because of the sunshine!)

    I hope you have a wonderful time ;)

  14. Ooh so incredible! Have a wonderful little break. :)

  15. one word – JEALOUS!

    have a fabulous time Ruth


  16. Excited to see you are off to santorini too-i booked my hols there a few weeks ago…i have to wait until september though :( i have beenwanting to go there for quite some time!

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