Marc by Marc Jacobs Hayley Tote

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hayley Tote

I REALLY want this bag! It’s so, so chic! Made of canvas with leather trimming, it’s perfect for summer. Roomy enough to even use as a small weekend bag (you’d get a change of clothes and a pair of shoes in there, at least) I think it’s an absolute bargain at £260! It’s going straight on Keep Calm and Shop  just as soon as I have the time, but for the moment you can see more pictures of it here at Net-a-Porter!


  1. What a lovely bag! Is it really big though?
    Not too big to carry as an everyday bag?

  2. I fall in love with this bag when I saw it and I bought it for $278 at Nordstrom
    It’s on the way to me
    I can’t wait to get it :)

  3. I must have this! not only because my name is hayley but because it is gorgeous! mmm!

  4. I am becoming slightly obsessed with the Natasha, and have also just seen Jane on Leash, very dinky.

  5. You should go for it, it’s a great bag!

  6. Thx Ruth., sooooo sad !!! Coz this bag quite expensive even I bought it when they on sale from Mulberry but still disappointed!!! Only first time carry it but pretty much like carry them more than a year

  7. Hi there.,
    Ruth just wondering have u got any problem with that Mulberry tilli tote bag in Tweed Beige coz my one was so dirty at the back of the bag., always got the colour from the pants or denim that I wore!!! Any idea how to fixed ??

    • @Sun same thing happened to me – mine’s filthy. Just think it’s the type of leather finish – I’d never get this leather again, it was dirty straightaway! x

  8. Now that I think about it I like this one more than the Celine bags. They looks like a mad smiley face. Scary as hell.

  9. It’s kind of a Celine knock-off, no?

  10. Ohh it’s so pretty!

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