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Mack’s ‘Dreamgirl’ Earplugs

Mack's 'Dreamgirl' EarplugsSay hello to the most noise-intolerant person on the planet: ME. I actually have a proper, verging-on-ridiculous problem with noise that other people make. Obviously I’m OK with my own noise – if I’m watching TV or stomping about, then that’s fine, but everyone else must observe my Noise Rules. Ha! These include: no loud television, no loud radio, no loud sneezing, no loud phone-chatting and no loud SNORING! (Yes, I know that I must be an absolute delight to live with…)

It goes without saying that the man of the house fails to live by the Noise Rules. It sometimes even seems as though he deliberately breaks them to make a point – but surely he wouldn’t do that?

You can probably guess that I spend much of my time (waking and sleeping) wearing earplugs. It’s the only way I stay sane – if you have a hangup about sound that’s as serious as mine, you need to take steps to seal yourself off from the world! (Note: when I’m not working or trying to think, or sleep, or relax in the bath, I LOVE to make lots of noise. Usually wine is involved.) I’ve tried out dozens of different earplug types and brands but none so far have been as comfy as the Mack’s Dreamgirl. It has been specially designed for ‘ladies’ who apparently have smaller ear canals. I have to say, the standard-fit earplugs do sometimes give me incredible ear-ache, which kind of defies the point of wearing them in the first place! The Dreamgirl is perfect. Bonus feature: designed to BLOCK SNORING! Can these earplugs get any better? Mmmm….they’re pink… They’re cheap… The packet looks like something from a 1950’s American drugstore…

I realise that 99% of you are now bored to tears – sorry about that. It’s just I have been meaning to write about earplugs for some time (lucky you!) and I decided that today was the day. Perhaps some of you have the same problem – with noise, with small ‘ear canals’, with snoring. Consider your problems solved!

I got mine from the Snorestore for £7.99 (10 pairs) but if you Google there are loads of deals!

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  1. I need to get some of these! I feel the same about noise – especially random repetitive noises! I’m going on holiday soon and I was literally falling asleep last night thinking that I must buy soom earplugs, you read my mind, thank you!

  2. I’m exactly the same so will definitely be investing in these!

  3. I use earplugs regularly. I’m a poor and stressed med student who needs her peace and quiet in the study hall, or if it’s closed, at home. They’re brilliant for written exams as well. Sometimes I even ride the bus home still with my earplugs in. It’s pure bliss. And I get ear-aches too because of my tiny little meatus acusticus externus, I can hardly get the bugger in there to start with.

    The worst noise is other people eating, it makes me nauseous. I even hate hearing myself eating!

  4. I share your pain. My upstairs neighbour stomps on my bedroom ceiling all day and night (oh how I wish I had bought a house!!) so I have had to learn to sleep in earplugs. I wake up during the night and have to push them back in, the joys! I will give these ones a go as maybe they will stay in my ears all night :)

  5. I am EXACTLY the same as you Ruth!! I’m quite relieved to hear that someone else has the same attitude to noise as I do. For me, my biggest dislike is loud music (and of course I married a man who loves booming West African music!!). I get very emotional when I can hear noise at night as I’m trying to sleep – even little things like loud raindrops on metal, heavy breathing, laptop whirring all infuriate me and completely prevent me from nodding off.

    I found my salvation in ear plugs! I now sleep with ear plugs every single night and they have 100% revolutionized how well I sleep. I use silicon ones – no others work for me despite trying foam, wax and plastic. My favourites are called Bioears Soft Silicone ear plugs, £4.99 for 3 pairs from Boots. They go over the ear canal rather than in it, are extremely comfortable, don’t come out easily, and block out noise amazingly!

  6. This has made my day, I can’t sleep with any noise, especially snoring! I thought I was the only one who religiously wore earplugs. Will definitely be purchasing, thanks Ruth!

  7. Yes they are really incredibly useful! I use them together with Mack’s sleep mask and now, I can drop dead asleep anytime anywhere! You probably should try their sleep mask too! They are contoured so that the eye makeup would not get smudged. But then again… my boyfriend has commented that I look like I’m sleeping with a bra over my eyes lol :P

  8. Heather Does Make Up

    I need to check these out! I’m completely intolerant to noise too especially snoring!

  9. I have this thing where I can’t sleep unless there’s complete silence, which isn’t so great when you live with people that think shouting and talking are the same thing so have found earplugs extremely useful for blocking them out! xx

  10. I’m slightly too paranoid to put earplugs at night. I HAVE to hear every single noise at night, because as stupid as it sounds, I just don’t trust the thieves. I live in a family-friendly neighborhood but we had a couple of thieves riding around. Oh paranoia, thou art a heartless bitch!

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