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Mack’s ‘Dreamgirl’ Earplugs

Mack's 'Dreamgirl' EarplugsSay hello to the most noise-intolerant person on the planet: ME. I actually have a proper, verging-on-ridiculous problem with noise that other people make. Obviously I’m OK with my own noise – if I’m watching TV or stomping about, then that’s fine, but everyone else must observe my Noise Rules. Ha! These include: no loud television, no loud radio, no loud sneezing, no loud phone-chatting and no loud SNORING! (Yes, I know that I must be an absolute delight to live with…)

It goes without saying that the man of the house fails to live by the Noise Rules. It sometimes even seems as though he deliberately breaks them to make a point – but surely he wouldn’t do that?

You can probably guess that I spend much of my time (waking and sleeping) wearing earplugs. It’s the only way I stay sane – if you have a hangup about sound that’s as serious as mine, you need to take steps to seal yourself off from the world! (Note: when I’m not working or trying to think, or sleep, or relax in the bath, I LOVE to make lots of noise. Usually wine is involved.) I’ve tried out dozens of different earplug types and brands but none so far have been as comfy as the Mack’s Dreamgirl. It has been specially designed for ‘ladies’ who apparently have smaller ear canals. I have to say, the standard-fit earplugs do sometimes give me incredible ear-ache, which kind of defies the point of wearing them in the first place! The Dreamgirl is perfect. Bonus feature: designed to BLOCK SNORING! Can these earplugs get any better? Mmmm….they’re pink… They’re cheap… The packet looks like something from a 1950’s American drugstore…

I realise that 99% of you are now bored to tears – sorry about that. It’s just I have been meaning to write about earplugs for some time (lucky you!) and I decided that today was the day. Perhaps some of you have the same problem – with noise, with small ‘ear canals’, with snoring. Consider your problems solved!

I got mine from the Snorestore for £7.99 (10 pairs) but if you Google there are loads of deals!


  1. I bought a large pack of these with a cute keyring to keep a pair handy – love the colour – you can always find them when you drop them on the floor! I have to say I am not altogether sold. Dissapointingly I can only get them to fit properly on an intermittent basis. When they do go in properly they keep out ALL noise – husband and I were just shouting at each other laughing our heads off!!! BUT they hurt my ears when I lay on my side so ended up having to pull them out slightly – does anyone else suffer this or do I have short ear canals? Also I think you can only get one good wear out of them (? due to moisture in air?) beacause then they dont seem to hold the compacted shape when rolled, thereby making it virtually impossible to get into said small ear canals! FRUSTRATING! But an absolute must on any camping trip to block out the noise of next tents noisy sex – yuk!

  2. I normally have a noise rule when i’m flying and when a child decides to test their lungs by screaming bloody murder its when i ask for a whiskey so thanks for this post i’ll defiantly give these a go! :P

  3. I am the exact opposite! I sleep through anything and I have to set three alarm clocks, one of which I have to hide in a different place every night, just to make sure I wake up in the morning. I think that when I would wear ear plugs I would wake up at 2pm on a work day. I never listen to i-pods or MP3 players either, just because I like to hear what’s happening around me. And I still don’t hear people greet me or ask for the time.

  4. Ruth, please let me know what you think after you’ve tried the British Snoring Association’s earplugs. If you still think Mack’s ‘Dreamgirl’ Earplugs are better, will definitely buy them as I’ve so many earplugs now that I think they’re enough for the rest of the year.

    • @Bobbie I will do, although I have just bought SO many to try that I won’t be getting around to the Snoring Association ones for a long time yet! x

  5. Mack is my sleep daddy! I have used his plugs peacefully for 2 years. $5 at Walmart .

  6. Ooh yay! I work nights so ear plugs and an attractive eye mask are a must. I’ve tried quite a few (wax are the worst – are they supposed to break into tiny pieces as you’re warming/rolling them to fit your ear?).

    Will definitely be testing these babies out. Thanks!

    • @Jemma – no, they should never break up. I hate the wax ones! If foam comes apart, don’t use it, throw it away! xx

  7. I recently purchased an earplug sample pack from Snorestore and these dreamgirl ones are easily the best ones for me as I also seem to get ear- and headaches from the bigger earplugs. I used to be able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat but I think it’s the old age (and my partner’s snoring) that keeps me awake for ages before I dose off.

  8. I think l may just have to invest in some of these! The boyfriend snores and talks in his sleep making it impossible for me!

  9. Ooh, do these really work? I’m part of the 1% that wasn’t bored to tears, as I am just as noise-phobic. I wear earplugs at work, as I am surrounded by coughers, sniffers, tappers and incessant chatterers. Grrrr. My boyfriend is also the worst snorer I’ve ever encountered. It’s got to the point where we sleep in separate rooms, which isn’t very romantic, but it saves me from wanting to smother him with a pillow during the night…
    I usually use silicone earplugs, which are pretty good, but like most earplugs, they shift in my ears during the night and I wake up at the slightest noise. Also, I have a problem with losing them, as I find my ears mysteriously empty in the morning on a regular basis. Odd.

  10. Have you tried British Snoring Associations’ earplugs? They’re magnificent as well. They don’t completely block all the snoring noise but enough to let you go to sleep. It’s soft and very comfortable as well.

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