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Manhattan Cosmetics Campaign

Manhattan Cosmetics CampaignHere’s my latest campaign shot for Manhattan Cosmetics in Germany. (Hello German readers!) I hate to blow my own loudspeaker, but my breasts look mighty impressive in that push-up top! I’d probably get arrested for wearing that in public…

Here’s the video for the new campaign, in which you can see me larking about, which is generally what I tend to do on a shoot. Note to all readers: I do not smoke, it was a prop and I didn’t inhale! Just wanted to make that clear!

You can see more campaign images and so on by going to the official website, which is here: http://www.manhattan.de/


  1. you know what? a couple of weeks ago I’ve been given a mascara which is honestly one of the best I’ve ever tried for my straight and poor lashes. It was an unknown brand to me: Manhattan! and now you’re doing their campaign! what a coincidence!

  2. You look amazing! xox

  3. You look gorgeous, Ruth. Congratulations x

  4. no I live in Italy. I don’t even know how the person that gave me this mascara could get hold of it because, as far as I know, it is not a brand sold here

  5. Just fabulous ruth! you look absolutely stunning!! :) x

  6. Aaaah, I have family in Germany and remember purchasing their nail polishes as a kid! They have really small bottled in whacky colors and apparently that’s what I was into. I’m actually in Germany right now visiting, but I tend to buy my make up in the US, it’s soooooooo much cheaper there!!!

    That looks like an adorable shoot, I hope you had as much fun as you seem to be having!

  7. Manhattan is widely available in Greece – great products :)

  8. i saw the campaign today – in the shop. i stood there for (what felt like) whole 5 Minutes and just smiled at you ;) xx

  9. aww thats so cool, Ruth! You’re so versatile… and that makes you great :)

  10. Those sunglasses in the video are insane – I want them!

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