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Manhattan Cosmetics Campaign

Manhattan Cosmetics CampaignHere’s my latest campaign shot for Manhattan Cosmetics in Germany. (Hello German readers!) I hate to blow my own loudspeaker, but my breasts look mighty impressive in that push-up top! I’d probably get arrested for wearing that in public…

Here’s the video for the new campaign, in which you can see me larking about, which is generally what I tend to do on a shoot. Note to all readers: I do not smoke, it was a prop and I didn’t inhale! Just wanted to make that clear!

You can see more campaign images and so on by going to the official website, which is here: http://www.manhattan.de/


  1. Oh Ruth :) I just came here from one of your videos on youtubee, I’ve been watching them for a while now, and I saw this picture above and I genuinely remember when that campaign was in all the drugstores in germany! :) You are gorgeous!

  2. I saw you at the Manhatten Counter! Great Photos :)

  3. I just found it or should I say you in my drugstore today. This was making me happy :-D


  4. I loove Manhattan, it a very decent brand here in Europe :)

  5. OH!!! I know that i’ve seen the model on this picture before!!! :) That’s so cool that you are the face of manhattan! :D I’m from germany and love your videos.

  6. I need those butterfly sunglasses in my life! You look adorable! Wish we could try Manhattan here in the US

  7. Love the look of that campaign. Jealous of the boobs.

  8. greetings from germany ;)

  9. life can be so unfair [2}

    you look gorgeous!

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