Mii Cosmetics

I have held off writing about Mii Cosmetics for quite a while because I was waiting for them to become available online. I think that this will happen pretty soon, but until then, you can find the products at various salons across the UK. I have tried out lots of bits and pieces from the range and there hasn’t been a single product that has disappointed – in fact, a few things have been really outstanding. For the last few weeks I have been wearing their Bronzing Face Finish and Uplifting Cheek Colour (in shades ‘Jewel’ and ‘Cheer’ respectively) for a healthy summer glow – the powders have great staying powder and are very fine so they sit beautifully on the skin.

When I was judging the Cosmo Beauty Awards a couple of months ago, Mii were on the shortlist for best beauty tools, and I was sent a selection to test and mark out of ten. The only other brushes that topped them in my selection were from Suquu (super expensive!) so I was pretty impressed. HURRY UP AND GET ONLINE, Mii!

You can find a stockist near you on their website: http://www.miicosmetics.com/


  1. I love that you’re leaving links to posts from your archives on twitter. I thought I’d read them all, but am finding that some somehow (in my case) managed to slip through the cracks. So, Bravo Ruth. Your usual great ideas shining through!

  2. Ohh thanks Ruth! Really looking forward to the results. Hopefully health and location permitting, I might be able to do it too :)

  3. Chloé Elizabeth

    Hey Ruth, Thanks for this, keen to try!
    Been meaning to ask how your Beauty Box is going, are the products still as good? “Feel Unique” have started doing this and I got in for the first box incase they all go down hill !

    • @Chloe – no, I forgot to re-do my thing! The second one looked great! I didn’t know feel unique were doing it – I’ll check that out! x

  4. Thanks Ruth! BTW are you planning on posting before and after pics from educogym?

  5. In your experience, do they work better than becca and Edward bess?

    • @GK they are different to both of those brands – I haven’t tried very much Edward Bess so I couldn’t really compare! Quality-wise, yes the powders are of a similar fine consistency to Becca powders! x

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