macks dreamgirl earplugs

Mack’s ‘Dreamgirl’ Earplugs

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Say hello to the most noise-intolerant person on the planet: ME. I actually have a proper, verging-on-ridiculous problem with noise that other people make. Obviously I’m OK with my own noise – if I’m watching TV or stomping about, then that’s fine, but everyone else must observe my Noise Rules. Ha! These include: no loud [...]

davines all in one body and hair wash su review

Three Great Summer ‘All in One’ Washes

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  I have been testing out ‘all in one’ hair and body cleansers and these are the three I shall be taking away with me to Greece. (Did I mention I was going to Greece? No? Oh! I’M GOING TO GREECE!) For me, a good ‘all in one’ needs to be a great shampoo yet [...]


Marc by Marc Jacobs Hayley Tote

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I REALLY want this bag! It’s so, so chic! Made of canvas with leather trimming, it’s perfect for summer. Roomy enough to even use as a small weekend bag (you’d get a change of clothes and a pair of shoes in there, at least) I think it’s an absolute bargain at £260! It’s going straight [...]

Well Earned Break?

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Excuse me if I get a little overexcited here, but this (above) is where I’m off to in the not-so-distant future. (I might even be there right now – it depends when I hit the ‘publish’ button!) Sun Rocks, Santorini, Greece. Only for three days, but still – amazing. I can’t bloody wait! It’s not [...]

Friday Flash Review: Avon Mega Impact Eyeliner

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“Hahaha! Just laughing out loud like a lunatic about my choice of photograph – doesn’t tell you much, does it? This is the new Mega Impact Eyeliner from Avon, all set to replace the wondrous Supershock Gel liner. In fact I have a sneaking suspicion that it has already replaced Supershock, so I do hope [...]

Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Créme

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I have noticed that more often than not, eye creams don’t have an in-built SPF. I always find this rather confusing, as the skin around the eyes is thinner, more prone to damage and signs of ageing – surely if there was anywhere you’d want an SPF, it’d be here! I suppose that the majority of [...]

Some Handy Little Bargains: July 2011

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Some handy little bargains from CheapSmells that have come to my notice over the past few days – the first is this 8 hour cream set from Elizabeth Arden. It contains the full-sized skin protectant (an acquired taste, scent-wise, but it’s one of the most-used backstage and beauty shoot products) and then you get a [...]

The Forum and a "Welcome Back" Lavera Giveaway!

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 Hurrah! The Forum is officially back up and running and hopefully won’t be causing us any more trouble! As a “welcome back” treat, Lavera have twenty cute little bottles of rose shampoo to give away – winners will be picked at random from registered users of The Forum, so you don’t need to do anything [...]