How To Get A Model Body: Part 7,987

Fashion Model

Fashion Model

I have given this post a ridiculous title because I could literally write that many posts on things you can do to get a more svelte, toned figure. Recipes, little exercises, mental trickery, self-brainwashing, all kinds of things could make their way into a series of posts dedicated to ‘getting in shape’. I could (maybe I should?) write an entire book on it.  But I wanted to post this little picture (taken on my iPhone in Greece) because my body, at the precise moment this was taken, looked the best it has looked for about three or four years. This was taken at the very end of my 12 Day Educogym trial and I have never felt so healthy! By the last day, I was lifting over half my bodyweight and I could do ridiculously powerful squats. (I then went and ate my bodyweight in croissants for a week, but that is by-the-by. Holidays don’t count.)

Anyway, this is just a little interim post, because I’m actually going to go back to Educogym for another two weeks to get into a routine and set myself up for going out into the big bad world of free choice and ‘take it or leave it’ gym sessions. There will be a grand finale post for Educogym in which I’ll weight up the pros and cons (can’t actually think of that many cons whatsoever!) but there were people baying for blood, pictures-wise, so here it is. I’m still waiting on my ‘befores’ from various places, including a mysteriously missing hard-drive, but I can tell you right now that they don’t look like this!

(P.S. the camera angle makes my lower body look freakishly tiny – I’m not quite that small, but it’s a good lesson in ‘posing for a slimmer silhouette’!)

Ruth CrillyHow To Get A Model Body: Part 7,987

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  1. meriandtxell


    I had a skin problem (psoriasis)for a few months and the doctor told me to stay away from dairy and wheat. My skin issue is gone, and not taking any dairy or wheat for a few months helped me lose a bit of weight. But in general I think that because I’m really tall(1,80m or 5’9″)it takes me a lot more to make weight loss noticeable…and that’s a bit annoying.
    In a month I’m going to Turkey with my boyfriend so I’ll have to work out harder! :)

  2. Maddie

    Hey Ruth, what are your height and measurements? And that is meant in the least intrusive way possible :)

  3. Name

    Dear Ruth,

    Beautiful picture, love your blog. I look forward to your wit every day. Can you tell me if that is the Dani Bandage Dress? Do you find the sizing to be accurate? I would imagine one would want it to not be loose at all(especially as I am petite up top) I have never thought of having a strapless tight dress before, but you look so effortless and casually aloof that I am quite taken in and want it for myself. An excellent model I would dare say!

    Thanks for being great,,

    1. admin

      @Rebecca from French Connection? If so, then yes! I had to buy it smaller than usual to stop it from slipping, so this is an 8 xx

  4. Tora

    You look fantastic! Absolutely stunning!

    I mean, I think you always do. So good you are pleased with Educogym!

    1. Ruth Crilly

      @Sabrina I need to get the final figures, but if you do one month only I think it’s 300 and something, but the more months you do the cheaper it gets. Or something. I shall post up costs and full details soon! xx

  5. Harmony

    Oh dear ! Ruth, you look absolutely amazing in that little black dress. I also like the shadow of your man taking the picture ;-)

  6. Joanna

    Ruth you look stunning! Totally rocking that dress! Did you actually get to go out in it or did you just wear it for the pic?
    Love the shadowy figure taking the pic! ;)

  7. Coco

    It’s a shame, I don’t have any Educogym near. I hope I can find something similar because your body is ROCKING!

  8. Katharine

    You look lovely! Great dress. Well done for keeping on your diet.

    I love love your little lesson in ‘posing for a slimmer silhouette’! I know you super busy but a little post on that would be great. There is nothing good on u-tube to help with posing to look nice in photos. xxx

  9. Stella

    You are in Greece! Yeahhhh I’m from Greece too! Are you having a nice time? Do you like Santorini? Have you visited any other places?

  10. Style Souk

    My parents burdened me with terrible genes…

    And, so, even if I were to follow a Educogym regime (and your will-she-won’t-she-write-it? book!), I’d still have an arse to dwarf the London Orbital.

    Thanks Ma and Pa. :0)

    Sarah x

  11. Sophie Alani

    You look BEYOND HOT, Ruth! Congrats on your success with Educogym! And thank you for all your recommendations and inspiration in all things beautiful — I love your site and your videos!

    I could use some advice today, actually… I just found out that I’m going to be interviewed on the national news tomorrow… Yikes! Any last minute beauty tips for the small screen? Thank you! ;)

    1. Ruth Crilly

      @Sophie they usually have someone to powder you and so on before you appear on any TV, but I’d say just remember that you need a little more makeup than usual because it gets lost on screen – make sure your eyes are defined and don’t wear too pale a lipstick!! xxx

  12. Magdalena

    it probably won’t be until few years from now that i could afford to buy myself that watch ;) x

  13. Magdalena

    Ruth You look absolutely stunning! Is that dress from Harve Leger i see? It’s beautiful anyway :) One more question : Is there video tutorial of that make up you wearing on the way? I really hope so as your eyes look amazing :) xo

  14. katie

    Wow look at you! You should TOTALLY write a book, I honestly think that is an amazing idea, your such a good witty and intelligent writer in my humble opinion!!

  15. Kristin

    You look wonderful!
    PS: I would definitely buy your book if you d write it in the same funny and easy way you do all these posts :)

  16. Andrea

    Hi Ruth. I’ve already commented that I would struggle with the diet side of this due to not eating eggs or red meat but do you think you could tell us some more about the sort of exercises that you did? I’d really find that helpful.

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