Me and my Big Mouth!

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There’s a feud brewing. At least, the papers and online media are trying to get a feud brewing. They’re stoking the fires with as many twigs of nonsense as they can, and obviously I had to stick my oar in. I was asked by the Express to comment on Kate Middleton’s eye makeup – you know, the age-old, slightly mundane … Read More

Ruth CrillyMe and my Big Mouth!

Flat Tummy Tip – Reducing Carbs

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Over the last week I have been really trying to regain the flat tummy of the Educogym days (which I am returning to, by the way, just as soon as I finish off my five gazillion bits of writing for various people!) and so I have been cutting out a lot of my usual carbs. Mr AMR would laugh a … Read More

Ruth CrillyFlat Tummy Tip – Reducing Carbs