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Me and my Big Mouth!

There’s a feud brewing. At least, the papers and online media are trying to get a feud brewing. They’re stoking the fires with as many twigs of nonsense as they can, and obviously I had to stick my oar in. I was asked by the Express to comment on Kate Middleton’s eye makeup – you know, the age-old, slightly mundane ‘black kohl around the eye’ type of look. Now, let’s get something straight. I wear this look. Not a lot – normally there’ll be a little smudgey-fudgey going on with a neutral eyeshadow around the edge, or there’ll be a flick, or something. But still – I can’t really see what’s so wrong with her dashing a bit of black liner around her eyes before she hops out of the door.

True, it may not be the most flattering look for her – perhaps a soft, taupe, smoky eye would look amazing? – but she doesn’t look ‘hard’, as Dame Vivienne labelled her. Anyway – I always feel a bit sorry for people who are being slated, so I barged in their with my words of…er…support and wisdom. Thanks Kate – you can give me that tenner next time you see me! (Hahahaha….)

You can read the full Vivienne Westwood vs. (as yet silent-on-the-matter-Kate) here: EXPRESS KATE MIDDLETON


  1. From a critical point of view, she should darken her eyes to suit her face, but perhaps she shouldn’t take it into the inner corner, I reckon that would make her eyes look bigger.
    From a woman’s point of view – she feels comfortable leave her alone! I know I don’t feel myself if I try and completely change my make up, oh those many times I’ve put bright lipstick on and wiped it straight off!
    @ McK, she’s toned not thin! There’s such a difference.
    @ Ruth, ashamedly yes, we do love a laugh! But not all of use feel the need to do it in public *cough*Westwood*cough*

  2. I definitely agree with Dame Viv, she should try a softer eye makeup look. She is a stunning girl snd something a little prettier would make her amazing. But she’s one of us and we all get into ruts with makeup. And i definitely agree with you Ruth, KMs messy eye is a bit too risque!

  3. Totally agree with you Ruth. Dame Westwood might like her to channel couture in her clothes and on her face but at the end of the day her constituency isn’t the fashion press or designers, it’s the general public. Yes Kate never looks ‘edgy’ but I’m not sure the majority of britains would like her to. Let’s leave the out there looks for the queens of pop, not the future queen of England!

  4. I think her eye make up is totally horrid…she is no style icon…I’m sooo fed up of people going on about this plain boring looking girl…there are many more interesting and more beautiful ladies out there! …who also dont look anorexic!

  5. Er, slides off high horse, shuffles, “Er, yes, actually…” xxx

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