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Bourjois Délice de Soleil

Bourjois Délice de SoleilI am becoming a bit of a packaging bore, I’m afraid. I sit at my desk for hours clicking away at compacts and sliding open eyeshadow palettes. Ridiculous, impractical packaging makes me irrationally angry, whereas cool, well-thought-out packaging delights me. I like the rather funky housing for Bourjois’ Délice de Soleil – the mirror is quite unique in that it swivels as well as tilts, and the whole thing looks positively retro and (can I say this?) groovy.

The bronzer itself (let’s not forget the actual makeup!) applies smoothly and is a great shade for those who have got a bit of colour going on. It’s not for the fairest of skins, but neither is it orangey or overly dramatic. The brush is OK, but I never use these tiny brushes anyway, they’re about as much use as a chocolate teapot. I do hope that Bourjois bring out other delights in this packaging – perhaps some face powders or blushes. Note to those with younger sisters, daughters, or who just like Barbie: an empty Délice de Soleil compact would make an AMAZING doll’s dressing table! Glued to the top of the right sized box (covered in pretty, small-print wrapping paper) it has the perfect retro mirror along with (what will be) two empty storage compartments!

That’s enough Blue Peter-ing for one day – you can buy the bronzer at Boots for £8.99 here: BOOTS ONLINE


  1. Skin Deep Beauty Blogger

    The Barbie idea is such a cute suggestion. Totally agree re packaging- the UNE packaging is also fab.

  2. I still need to get this! and the barbie idea is just genious! aha


  3. Cute packaging but this is one thing I don’t need at the mo (although it does look tempting! “NO NATASHA YOU DO NOT NEED THIS” Lol) Must admit I still have my Laura Geller bronze & brighten which lasts forever and a day! (Not even used a quarter of it and i’ve had it a good 5 months) So I will be good and refrain from this (even though I received a free £25 voucher from boots recently and still havn’t used it! Lol) xxx

  4. Oooh. Yes, love the retro look!

  5. I bought this just purely on the packaging but I find it quite muddy looking on me and it seems to wear off quite fast.

  6. Oh my first thought was- this is gonna break within weaks!
    I have the normal Bourjois bronzer- and the package stays together with my Cello tape!
    give it a miss

    • Mine is fine so far, a good month or so with me wobbling that mirror like I have some kind of illness! I’ll keep you posted xx

  7. ooh! this is the cutest, if my mom had something like this when i was little i would deff be whisking it away from her makeup bag to my doll house! what a cute idea! ps: is this the same chocolate smelling bronzer but just in new packaging!? xx

    • It seems very similar, actually, but the other is still on sale so not too sure. I haven’t tried the chocolate bar one! xx

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