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Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

I am extremely excited about Vichy’s teaming up with Dermablend. They have created a full coverage foundation stick and a corrective foundation in a tube to be used to cover even the most severe flaws. Dermablend have been producing ‘camouflage’ for the face since 1981, helping to disguise scars and conditions such as Rosacea and inflammatory acne with their natural-looking concealers, but now, through Vichy, I think that the formulations are somewhat more accessible to the general public.

I have been using both the stick foundation and the corrective foundation to cover my dark circles (which have been bad, because I have been being bad!) and can confirm that they are super-sonically good. I mean, undetectable, easy to blend, non-oily, non-irritating, non-shifting. The foundation in the tube has something of a ‘soft-focus’ finish and I used it around the sides of my nose and the patch on my chin that always looks slightly redder than the rest of my face. The results have been incredible. Flawless. Although I don’t need full coverage over my entire face, I applied it that way too and it didn’t look cakey or dry in the slightest. It also held all day in the humidity and didn’t slide or go patchy.

I think that these Vichy foundations (or concealers, to those who have localised blemishes to cover!) are going to be a huge hit. I will be featuring them in a video very soon, but to see them working in real life, on a model with acne, see Lisa Eldridge’s video – I’ve linked to it below.

Escentual stock Vichy Dermablend here: http://tidd.ly/f0b91c5b and Boots online here: http://tidd.ly/41ef6f70

Link to Lisa Eldridge, Acne-Covering Make-Up


  1. christina cooke

    Hi i have a scar on my face from an attack by an ex boyfriend 4 years ago,a fellow nurse said i should try dermacare foundation by vichy i orderd some and i want to say thank you i no longer look in the mirror and see my attacker every day, i now look in the mirror and see me with no scar Thank you so much please everyone this product works try it prove me right you wont regret it!

  2. The best foundation I’ve found!! It really is fantastic! It covers EVERYTHING and doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing a gross foundation mask. Also a massive bonus is that it doesn’t irritate my super sensitive skin! Just wish there were more shades as the lightest shade (opal) is still quite dark and needs quite a fair bit of blending

  3. i love this foundation, i’ve been using it for months! I mix it with clinique anti-blemish foundation, and it provides such good coverage, and stays matte for as long as I need it to. I also apply it as a concealer on dark acne scars, and it hides them completely. Definitely the best product i’ve found for concealing acne scars/spots :)

  4. I love this foundation, i bought it instantly when lisa eldridge reccomended it a while ago! I just did there was a wider variety of shades!

  5. Hi Ruth, thanks for this post! I happened to buy this a few weeks ago, now it’ll get on & try it myself : )
    also thanks to Alexanda for the ideas in her post, I’m also into mixing up products, especially to fight the cold and dry scandinavian winter ; ) it can be tricky to find a good balance between cover, shade, matte and smooth..

  6. that is an amazing video! luckily i have great skin, but might try it for my dark circles as they are awful.

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