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Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

I am extremely excited about Vichy’s teaming up with Dermablend. They have created a full coverage foundation stick and a corrective foundation in a tube to be used to cover even the most severe flaws. Dermablend have been producing ‘camouflage’ for the face since 1981, helping to disguise scars and conditions such as Rosacea and inflammatory acne with their natural-looking concealers, but now, through Vichy, I think that the formulations are somewhat more accessible to the general public.

I have been using both the stick foundation and the corrective foundation to cover my dark circles (which have been bad, because I have been being bad!) and can confirm that they are super-sonically good. I mean, undetectable, easy to blend, non-oily, non-irritating, non-shifting. The foundation in the tube has something of a ‘soft-focus’ finish and I used it around the sides of my nose and the patch on my chin that always looks slightly redder than the rest of my face. The results have been incredible. Flawless. Although I don’t need full coverage over my entire face, I applied it that way too and it didn’t look cakey or dry in the slightest. It also held all day in the humidity and didn’t slide or go patchy.

I think that these Vichy foundations (or concealers, to those who have localised blemishes to cover!) are going to be a huge hit. I will be featuring them in a video very soon, but to see them working in real life, on a model with acne, see Lisa Eldridge’s video – I’ve linked to it below.

Escentual stock Vichy Dermablend here: http://tidd.ly/f0b91c5b and Boots online here: http://tidd.ly/41ef6f70

Link to Lisa Eldridge, Acne-Covering Make-Up


  1. Well it works pretty well as a concealer (and I must say that I prefer the stick as a concealer) as you say, but I can tell you that as a foundation it is awful ! I mean you have perfect skin so you may haven’t been able to notice it but having acne prone skin and acne scars in general it’s a fail for me !

    It’s very thick and so it makes it very hard to work with and you finally end up with a sticky and shiny finish! Not to mention that the lightest shade is way too yellow for me !

    My favorite way to get full coverage is to mix some full cover concealer by Make up forever with a light to medium quite moisturizing foundation such as the bobbi brown moisture rich for instance.

    Otherwise my favorite combo of the moment is Clarins everlasting foundation in Nude mixed with Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation cause the clarins one is slighty too matte for me so I tend to correct that by adding a bit of a more dewy foundation to it and set everything in place with Mac msf natural powder and add a bit of color using the Dior healthy glow summer powder in aurora and then spraying some fix + by mac to get the healthy glow back !

    It makes my skin look fantastic despite the fact I have acne prone skin !

    • @Alexandra the foundation in the tube?! I have it on today, it’s really light and easy to blend! Was it the new one you tried? It doesn’t sound like the same product.. Unless you mean the stick? I haven’t tried that as a foundation, just as a concealer! x

  2. Hi Ruth I have massive problems with dark circles and have the dermablend stick but not sure what the best way to conceal under the eye with it is? Also can you do a video on concealers etc for dark circles? Hhhhhhheeeeeellllllppppppp!!!! Thanks x

  3. Claire McDonnell

    I bought the stick foundation to use on my very dark under-eye circles and it’s really good x

  4. This foundation is absolutely amazing! I have been using it as a concealer since I first saw Lisa Eldridge tutorial for covering blemishes with it. It really does last and even seems to help combat the original problem. It’s great that it’s available on the highstreet too. I look forward to seeing you use it in a video Ruth :) x


  5. It is such amazing coverage! But, same old story, I just wish they did a shade light enough :(

  6. I actually prefer the foundation to the stick. I’ve used the foundation many years ago, when I had very very severe acne and it was great. The stick seems to have less coverage and doesn’t look as natural. At least on my type of skin…

  7. I’ve been suffering from cystic acne for over 3 years and ever since I’ve started using Vichy Dermablend I never switch to others, it’s a miracle in a bottle to cover any discolourations! although it’d be great if they have more shades..

  8. Love the new early morning posts, while reading it in bed you reminded me how much I love this foundation- and it’s exactly what I slapped on this morning! So easy when I need the extra coverage.

  9. Hi Ruth,

    I’m really considering trying the foundation out. I don’t know what shade to get though! I notice that Escentual stock a starter kit for the stick but it appears that these shades are different to those of the foundation. Do you know whether this is the case? Also, did you use the setting powder as well or did it hold all day by itself?


  10. @Alexandra Lisa Eldridge mentioned in her video that it’s been reformulated. She said that the previous formulation was a bit tricky and hard to apply for some of us, but the new formulation is way easier to work with and blends better than the previous one, although it still maintains the full coverage. Overall, should be lovely now.:) Might be the reason, I suppose. I would recommend watching the video.:)

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