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Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Daily Moisture SPF 30

 Dear Oily-Skinned People,

Please let me introduce you to the least shiny SPF that has ever been invented. The finish is so dry and matt that it is almost freaky. It goes on as a cream but feels just like a powder on the skin and it leaves your face perfectly smooth and shine-free. It’s like blotting paper in a tube!

Important to note that the cream isn’t actually drying, it just feels dry. So it’s great for all skin types, but those with very dry skin might feel a little uncomfortable if they are used to very rich and nourishing formulas. I think that those with oily or blemish-prone skin will love it though – it doesn’t slip off, it disappears immediately upon application and it doesn’t leave any white residue on the skin. The sun filters are 100% mineral (zinc oxide) which is another bonus for those who are prone to breakouts. I wish that I had discovered this earlier in the summer – it really acts as a mattifying primer, moisturiser and suncreeen in one. Once you’re used to the slightly unconventional texture, it’s the perfect day cream for wearing when the weather is humid and bothersome.

Bothersome! I’m turning into a Victorian!

Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Daily Moisture SPF 30 is usually £23.50 but is currently in the FeelUnique sale at £19.95 with free delivery here: http://tidd.ly/d165ad0e. I think that’s really quite a nice price for such a convenient product – good skincare, an SPF and my favourite scent (rose, in case you hadn’t guessed!) all in one tube.



  1. I like rose too, but I picked up a more herby fragrance – on looking at the ingredients there’s not a rose fragrance listed (only rosehip oil, which has an entirely difference scent) but there is rosemary oil and other herb oils. These really irritated my eyes, even though i didn’t put the cream anywhere near my eye area.

    A pity, because I really wanted to like the product…

  2. I was really keen to try this, as I am always on the lookout for moisturisers with mineral SPF. This is undoubtedly the most revolting cream that I have ever put onto my skin. I washed it off after 30 seconds and put the sample (I kindly received from Neal’s Yard) straight into the bin.

    It has the gloopy texture of a flour paste, and is highly fragranced – my eyes are still stinging from the fumes. My skin felt taut and as dry as the Sahara. Apparently this moisturiser is for all skin types, but definitely is not suited to my normal skin.

  3. @ Jan Thank you for the info. I normally use Chanel Translucent Powder in 1 but I fell in love with the idea of using a puff of powder rose on my face. So i think i might just keep to my Chanel, open pores is not a good look for me.

    Thanks Ruth sounds good to me :) i will get that instead to get my rose fix.

  4. I bought this back in June I think just after it was released it is not good on my oily/combo skin, it seems to mattify so much that it draws attention to my pores which is a such a shame because the texture is divine and it seemed to be a perfect substitute for my favourite SPF/primer (BECCA Mineral Primer which is being reformulated). All in all I am woefully sad she says trying to out Victorian you ;-) Jan x

  5. Hi Ruth

    Your site is amazing!
    Im also a big fan of anything that involves Rose in beauty products. I dont have oily skin but if i did i would try the product above.
    Wondering if you have ever used Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder? Im looking to purchase it soon. Any feedback from ruth the beauty pro would be appreciated.

  6. Is Zinc Oxide the stuff that photographs white? Because I have combination skin and this sounds perfect otherwise…

    • @Lily I haven’t photographed my face in it, but there’s no ghostly white ‘cast’ when I look in the mirror, so I think this one is fine! xx

  7. Ooh this looks perfect for me! I will definitely consider buying this when my current day time moisturiser runs out!

  8. I forgot to mention, I have dry skin and I love this! So long as you use a good moisturizer underneath, it’s ok. I don’t find it drying at all and it leaves a wonderfully silky finish afterwards, powdery but silky. It’s a very unusual.

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