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He-Shi Gradual Tan

 I have decided, over the past couple of months, that I rather like these ‘gradual tanners’ that you can get. They’re easy to use and they’re convenient. No orange hairlines, tea-stained knee-caps, bright yellow palms. No ruined bedsheets and mottled bath towels, no brown overspray on the Cole & Son wallpaper. I’m beginning to wonder why anyone would want to ‘go the whole way’ with their fake tan when these gradual tanners are up for grabs? You just whack them on after you’ve got out of the bath, just like a body lotion,  and the next day you have a glowy, healthy sheen! The day after that, you apply again and you look as though you’ve been in Greece for a week and the day after that – well, I haven’t actually done three days in a row. There has been no need. I do two days and then wait a week, top it up, wait another week. It’s working perfectly – I look as though I’m permanently on holiday!

I have been testing out quite a number of gradual tanners this summer –  I’ll be doing a little round-up of them soon so that we can all sashay into Autumn looking glamorous and sexy – but the He-Shi has really impressed me straight away. On the very first application I was brown as a nut but there were no streaks or patches even though I applied it in the dark!  Now tell me: how can a tanner get any better than that? No effort to apply and a perfect result?  My own tan, coaxed to perfection back in July, has been brought back from the brink of tan-death and my skin is nicely bronzed.

Top marks He-Shi! I like you a lot. After twelve years of not touching fake tan products with a bargepole, I can now finally see the point in you – dilute down the gravy browning, mix it with a body lotion and hey-presto! A natural-looking tan with no disadvantages. Who needs to go on holiday? Stay tuned for more gradual tan results…

He-Shi Gradual Tan is £13.75 with free delivery from FeelUniquehttp://tidd.ly/fbb01a3e


  1. Just bought this on your recommend x

  2. If you like this, then you should really try Karora Gradual Bronzer (http://www.sotanned.co.uk/online-store/browse/145-karora?sef=hc). This lovely range from Ireland – gorgeous packaging, sumptuous tannign performance – is probably about as pure as you can get: no nasties whatsoever.

    We all love the rangem, but especially the Gradual Bronzer: people who are frightened of applying traditional tans can’t make a mistake with this, and quickly become addicted. Would love to know what you think: http://www.sotanned.co.uk/online-store/browse/145-karora?sef=hc

  3. Chloé Elizabeth

    Hey Ruth, thanks for noting, I actually tried to purchase this at Feel Unique and it is now out of stock! The power you have !!
    Used to use Dove Summer Glow and found that sometimes faded quite patchy so have recently started using Garnier Summer Body but seem to be allergic as come up in a rash on my chest and I have never been allergic to anything so that came as a bit of a shock! Slowly been using it again as I rather prefer it to dove summer glow but keen to find something else and to hear this doesn’t stain bed sheets is a BIG bonus! xx

  4. Thanks, Ruth.

    With reptilian skin, I like the thought of a moisturising body lotion mixed with tan.

    Less appealingly, the title ‘He-Shi’ – I pronounce it, perhaps incorrectly, as ‘She’ – has me think of gender reassignment and sights I’ve previously seen in Bangkok.

    Perhaps it’s not a product to openly display on the bathroom shelf… ;0)

    Sarah x

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