My Summer Skincare Video!

This is the follow-up video to the ‘clear skin secrets’ one. Or whatever it was called. It basically covers my usual ‘routine’ from waking until bedtime – beauty stuff only, obviously, otherwise it would be a bloody long video! I couldn’t possibly fit in everything that I put on my face so I have narrowed down each section to a few core products that I buy again and again. I’ll be doing more features focusing in on specific parts of the routine – day moisturisers, primers, exfoliants, weekly treatments.. All in good time!

The longest product info list in the world has been published beneath the video pane – I suggest that you make your tea/feed the cats/write your will before starting to read it!


Morning Cleanse:

Bioderma Cleanser: £14 from Zuneta here:

La Roche Posay Micellar, £11.50 here:

Elemis Tri-Enzyme Wash – on sale at £20.99 here

Vichy Water, £7.50 here:

Pai Toner, £30 here:

Day Moisturisers Non-SPF

Chantecaille Water Flower Fluid, £58 here:

Emma Hardie Amazing Face, £38 here:

Dr Hauschka Rose Cream Light, £21 here:

Melvita Naturalift Cream, £30 here:

Soap & Glory Catch a Wrinkle, £10.21 here:

Tinted Moisturiser/Complexion Enhancers

No7 Tinted Moisturiser, £12 here:

Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer, £74 here:

Origins Vitazing, £25 here:

Day Moisturiser SPF

Caudalie Vinoperfect SPF15, reduced to £27.55 with free delivery here:

No7 Protect and Perfect, £21 here:

Clarins Multi-Active Jour, £38 here:

Evening Cleanse

Pai Skincare, £25 from BeautyBay here:

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser, £23 for 200ml at BeautyBay here: or HQHair here:

NuBo Velvet Cleanser, £28 at BeautyBay here: or FeelUnique here:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, £13.25 from John Lewis online here: or from Liz Earle here:


Alpha-H Liquid Gold, £31.50 from BeautyBay with free delivery

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Serum £49 from HQHair here: or BeautyBay here:

Other facial treatments:

Pai Biogenerate Oil: £20 here,

Darphin Tangerine Aromatic Care, reduced to £32.40 with free delivery here:

Face Soothers

La Roche Posay, £13 here:

Filorga Interventional Cream, £32 here:


Strivectin SD Eye Cream, £49 here:

Filorga, £38.50 here:

Pai Echium Eye Cream: £24 here

Makeup Worn in Video:

Origins Vita-Zing SPF15,

Armani Eyes to Kill Shadow Shade No 6,

Prestige Longest Lashes Mascara,

Rimmel Bronzer,

Estee Lauder Concealer,




  1. I second the above. I really want to see what your skincare routine must-haves are now!

  2. Hi Ruth!Do you still follow this summer skincare routine?Have you changed some of the products this year?

  3. Thanks :)

  4. I would like to know which do you prefer? Darphin or Pai Oil-Aromatic? Or have you found a new version of these?


    • I prefer the Pai! xx

      • P.s. One more thing (actually two more things LOL) Liz Earle cleanser better than the Pai also? And since I see we have the same addiction to french produce (I’m addicted to Bioderma, Vichy, La Roche, Caudalie…) what moisturizer do you like best?

        Thanks sooo much.

        • Liz Earle is very different to the Pai, the Pai is formulated for really sensitive skin and isn’t QUITE so good with stubborn makeup. Pai is less fragranced and a slightly looser texture. Both are lovely, but it depends on what you want from it and how sensitive your skin is! x

          • Thanks for the quick reply!!! You’re sooo kind :)

            And for the moisturizer? Which is your favorite?

            Thanks again :P

          • Have a browse through – there are so many! Search moisturiser with an ‘S’ though, not a “z” otherwise nothing will come up! x

  5. Hi Ruth,

    I have a small question, which do you prefer? the Pai Biogenerate Oil or the Darphin Tangerine Aromatic Care? Perhaps in this year (since i’ve seen the video is from last summer) you’ve found another Aromatic-Oil care you like most?


  6. Hi ruth. i brought the clarisonic and pai cleanser and i was wondering if my acne prone combinaison skin would improve if i do this major cleanser at the evening. I only wanted to know your opinion even though i know you don’t have acne. Comestician at beauty counters considered my acne as blemishes, they are not severe, maybe light. But they won’t go away and it’s so frustrating that i splurge so much for my skin. what’s your opinion on this?

    • @Julie I use the Clarisonic once a week at the most. It does really deep clean, but I prefer a chemical exfoliant like my Liquid Gold or an enzyme peel – it feels much gentler on the skin! Good to use the Pai cleanser though as it’s so gentle. Break yourself in with the Clarisonic and see how you get on – perhaps try once every few days at first! x

  7. So I’ve been implementing this routine with great success. Thanks for the information about micellar waters and overnight chemical exfoliating serums. However, it is getting to be winter here is the US and so the weather is cold and dry. Will you be posting a winter skin care routine as well?

  8. Dear Ruth,

    Hello from Greece!!!About a week ago I dicovered your great job (videos, post,blog etc) and i would like to thank your for your efforts.So I would like your advise about my skincare.I have a very sensitive skin (compination)with rosasea spots in cheeks when it is hot,35 years old and I would say that my skin is in a good condition.Lately I have been using Estee Lauder skincare products and I was pretty satisfied but now I want to truy something else.Recently I tried Kanebo skincare products (silky purifying series for cleansing and cellular performance hydrachance series for moisturizing) ofcourse it was amazing but it was very very expensive …So I would like your advise.Do you know any skincare products equivalent or maybe something even better ?

    Thanks in advance

    Your are Gorgeous


    • Hi Maria, I’m not soi clued up on Rosacea but I’ll look into this and try to post something up soon! x

  9. Hi Ruth

    Enjoyed the skincare vid…Just thought it was worth a mention that I’ve literally just had an email from Pukka (the tea and herb people) launching their new organic ayurveda skincare range! I’m sure you already know all about it but it would be fab if you could trial some of the products for a natural/ organic skincare video in the future? I always try and stick to natural and chemical free products so it would be great to see more of them on your great blog :) Kirsty

  10. Hi. I was surfing the web looking for skincare advice and stumbled across this video. It is super informative. I just had a quick question. Do you use toner on the days you cleanse with Bioderma?

    • @Sarah not usually, although I’ll use a quick spritz of something now and then if I’m hot and need freshening up! x

  11. right then. cheers!

  12. quick question regarding facial spritzers: do you dab off the excess with a tissue or do you leave it to dry naturally? cos i find no matter how far i spray, i always get some areas which are a little too wet and droplets which are a little too large. probably why i prefer sweeping toners on with a cotton pad but that’s separate altogether.

    • @Pearlly I leave to dry or pat the excess in, but you could blot with tissue if you wanted to! Depends if it’s a quality spritz – some are basically just scented water with no benefits, in which case, blot it off! xx

  13. Ruth, what do you think of cleansing oils? You always mention cleansing waters and rinse-off cleansers so I just wondered, because I’ve heard great things about the Shu Uemura ones, so just wanted to ask have you used any in the past?

  14. Scelestus Tempestas

    ..and my apologies on the abominable punctuation and grammar..

    • @ST haha, no probs with the perving, I get what you mean! I do get my face wet every day – I use the cleansers in the evening whilst in the bath/shower, hold on until midway through the vid and you’ll see me talk about them! They are all rinse-off ones. xx

  15. Scelestus Tempestas

    Hello angel, another question for you if you dont mind?
    I am DYING to know what products you use on your face either in the shower, sink, bath etc..
    I’m not intending to be a perv but it seems that you dont ever get your face wet! :) Is it deliberate I wonder?
    I have happily made the leap to Liquid Gold with marvelous results but what on earth do you use to wash your face whilst bathing??
    Enquiring minds want to know! :)

  16. Hi Ruth, the mention of exfoliators has touched upon something I’ve always wanted to know! I tend to avoid exfoliators when I get back from holiday as I suppose I get a bit paranoid that I’ll lose my tan. Is this really the case, or would you say that it’s actually better to use an exfoliator to keep the skin looking fresh post-holiday?

    • @Louisa yeah, I have always worried about that too! But I’d rather have a smooth, even complexion than a mottled tan, so i put the skincare first as I can always add ‘tan’ back to my face with tint and so on… Personal pref I suppose… Exfoliant will keep skin looking radiant and fresh – then perhaps use a gradual tan product every few days to keep the colour, best of both worlds! I’m testing some at the mo so I’ll let you know! x

  17. Gosh Ruth- between ordering the entire range from PAI last month and now the Liquid Gold from Beauty Bay…let’s just say I had to stop myself from ordering the Bioderma cleanser from Amazon. Sheesh!

    • @Suzi argh! Hahaha, so sorry! Maybe I should switch to fashion posts for a while – but I just caned a small fortune last month, so that might not be too good either! x

  18. em i just saw you’ve listed them there. i’m really embarrassed now!

  19. great video ruth.

    what eyeshadow are you wearing? i think i’m in love with it.

    are they giorgio armani shadows you blogged about before?

  20. Good informative video,as usual.This may be a futile question as you are blemish-free(!),but any recommendations for spot treatments?

    • @White cat I heartily recommend the LMS light thingy that you blast them with, or Dr Nick Lowe spot gel is also excellent! x

  21. Ohh this is a great post, thank you! I clicked the link for the Strivectin SD Eye Cream but it seems to go to the Tri-Enzyme. I quite fancy trying it as I’m due a new eye cream – I was previously using the Alpha-H one, and it was great.

  22. Wow! What a brilliant video. You fitted so much useful information in. I always love your videos but this one was particularly great :-)

    Thanks for all the work you put into A Model Recommends. It’s fab!

  23. I do like SC, and amazingly QVC prices are not bad, there is some talk that the ingredients are a bit heavy on the silicone and if you are not a fan of jasmine or any white floral scent then I would steer clear, but so saying my skin seems to have a real affinity with her products, the Ultimate Cleanse is extremely soothing but effective and the Overnight Facial really is divine. I did a post on them in my last blog but being a grumpy old beauty bag got rid of it in a fit of pique so am building up again slowly. Sorry essay as per. Jan x

  24. Oh no so much products so little skin. I love skincare posts, I love to see what people use and why they chose what they chose. Thankyou for this Ruth, I was happily settled into Pai but watched QVC last night with some spectacular Sarah Chapman offers which somehow slipped into my basket ….oops, now I can see that some of the La Roch Posay may do the same! x

    • @Jan ooh, Sarah Chapman! Now I have really been wanting to try her stuff for a while but keep forgetting to look into it! Do you rate them? x

  25. I keep trying to buy the Bioderma at Zuneta, but it’s always sold out! Maybe I shall just pick it up next time I’m in Paris. Anyways…the vichy water looks great too! Would you say that would suit sensetive skin?

    • @FutureisRosy yes, theirs actually has some of the best ingredients. La Roche Posay also do one for sensitive skin! x

  26. Hi Ruth, are these in any particular order (ie your fave at the top of each section?)
    I gathered together all my beauty products last night to see what I have – man I needed a bigger box! Love the blog and buy a lot of your recommendations. Keep up the good work. x

    • @jojo no, they are all my faves. I have loads more stuff that I use on a regular basis but couldn’t fit it all in, so the ones I have included are my ‘staple’ products. x