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KMS Reloaded – remember the fringe?

Do you remember when I had my fringe cut in New York? Just before Christmas last year? Well the KMS Campaign that I was working on is just about to launch! Tomorrow, in fact. How marvellous! Apparently you are about to see my picture all over the place, so keep your eyes peeled! KMS are bringing out some nice new products with funky packaging and KMS Reloaded is all about their new look. It’s funny, because this is the first time that I’ve seen ‘both sides’ of a product launch – I was there when they were shooting it in New York, everyone wearing huge Canada Goose jackets because it was so cold, and now I’m here on the other side, writing about it. It’s quite a bizarre feeling!

A little story about the dog in the picture; the guy who owned the dog had rescued him not long before and driven halfway across the states to fetch him and take him home. The dog was so grateful and loving that he literally couldn’t take his eyes off his knight-in-shining-armour, and it took all the crew’s persuasion to keep him from bounding out of shot and into the arms of his newfound love! So sweet. I’m not a ‘dog person’, but this one turned me quite soft.

Did you notice that we have matching hair?



  1. Love the look, it really suits you, and I’m so glad they picked such a fantastic model for the campaign!!!

  2. You look so different with curly hair, you suit it. =) x

  3. Your hair looks amazing. I’m not a dog person either but that one looks cute! x

  4. fab pic!
    love the hair and outfit!

  5. Fringe or not, you look as beautiful as always.

    Sarah x

  6. Love your hair here, and the dog’s story, it gives me teary eyes :)

  7. It was the first thing I noticed!

  8. Looking good! As always :)

  9. Hair looks fab, makes you look so young x

  10. Super cute! The hair rocks! Can’t wait to see the campaign!

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